Wishes for Ableton Push 3 and Live 10


Yeah, I don’t know if the bugs with that have been fixed up yet- as I’ve left all other social media where I’d hear about it. It WAS a seemingly 50/50 split of people complaining about it and people saying that it’s fine.

TBH, this is my second time owning a P2- as the first time I was too wrapped up in my hardware/Elektron workflow to really use it(also, when I made music with Ableton- I composed solely on the pads of it, which I didn’t gel with)

But it definitely sounds like MPC Live might be best for what you’re looking for- provided it’s been fixed. Maybe follow back up with the process, and then trial the software on your desktop to see if the flow works for you. Meanwhile wait until the Maschine 3 drops before making a purchase. I’ve heard people speculate there’s going to be a standalone mode also you get to cross grade for Komplete which is 50% off for summer of sound at least!


Dude! All of a sudden- like, last week or so, I’ve got a grand desire for such a thing too! I think this sudden communal desire is indicative of something (fingers crossed)


OH AND… Most importantly the next version of Push needs to be viewable outdoors!!! Currently the pads are impossible to see outdoors… That would make for some awkward live set if you’re not in a dark environment…


im having issues stopping myself from procuring a push 2 so close to ableton loop :frowning: really wish ableton would drop some teasers lol


When is Ableton loop?


November 10-12 :frowning:


saw this on Facebook yesterday. http://www.synthanatomy.com/2017/10/leaked-ableton-live-10-is-coming-soon-new-pictures-suggest-something-new.html

live 9 / push 2 is my fav DAW environment and honestly, i’d like to see an updated GUI as well as some clever modulation routing ala Bitwig


The only thing I could imagine being improved in Ableton 10 would be melodic/harmonic step sequencing(via Push). That’s all I can imagine.

And maybe come change regarding a single VST inside a drum rack.

Though, I’m incredibly novice when it comes to Ableton- so maybe my lack of experience will save me a pretty penny <3

#IgnoranceIsBliss #Blessed


There’s already a melodic step seq with Push 2! It’s pretty simple, but nice to work with. Check it out!


Oh! I’m aware of Push’s method for step sequencing melody/harmony. I just hate it <3. I want to just plug in melodies/harmonies in a way similar to the A4/Pyramid where you hold a step and then play the notes you want input on a keyboard/controller


What’s your issue with using a single VST inside a drum rack?


I don’t know how it would be arranged, but something like microtonic where all the parameters of the VST are on a single slot in the rack- ideally, nay, utopianly- if I could divvy up the parameters to stretch across the entire drum rack(say have a couple of pages per voice) then Ableton will have put in raw brilliance for a niche demand- and I will be happy, because I’m in that niche :slight_smile:


If Abes goes MPE compliant then that would be a big deal for me - perhaps even enough to justify the upgrade alone.

i don’t see a Push 3 coming but was expecting Live 10 in November. If it disappoints I may go all in with MAschine for a time.


Do you have max4live?
Generally anything I have found live9 can’t do has been created via a max4live device.
My main complaint with push2 is the size. Seems like they could retain functionality while shrinking it a little


SERIOUSLY! When I was working mostly OTB I never really realized how massive that thing is, just sorta reveled in it pretty and sturdy glory. Now i’m having the hardest time finding a way to fit it anywhere convenient.

If I may digress...

Fortunately, I just bought a used BCR2000 with the intention of getting the NativeKontrol script to control device parameters, so maybe I’ll try playing the Push 2 away from the computer like the instrument they want the thing to be. Or I’ll just sell it and get the APC pad grid controller and split the push functionality comfortably on my desk.


Standalone capacity (8 tracks audio, 8 tracks midi would be enough) all ableton plugins but no third party for reliability issues. Sound card 96khz stereo in and out. cheap transistor on the out for saturation.

reduce the pads to 32 and reduce overall size by 30 percent.

Two usb in ports so one can be able for external hard drive or usb flash storage.

Happy for the price to up to 800 euro max if fully standalone.


Zero chance of Ableton making a Push standalone.


they have to follow the market. it will be announce this November.


Like the other major music software company with a flagship controller have?

You keep dreaming


chill man, don’t be hating. Ableton have one major competitor in this market and that’s Maschine, you could add Akai (actually now has a standalone controller). They both now have units which are also sound cards but the market in general is pushing for a standalone controller which can integrate into a DAW. Ableton is the only major DAW with a fully featured controller so I’m only pointing out the obvious next step.