Wishes for Ableton Push 3 and Live 10


More than anything- I want Ableton to scale back a bit. I just want an Ableton controller panel- sans the pads to place on my desktop to control the parameters of the settings alone. If Audiomodder would still be compliant with this- all the better. Push 2 is super awesome, but it’s size and shape is inconvenient for fitting and maneuvering on my desktop workspace.

If they could do this, and maybe double the workspace to fit 16 maneuverable parameters instead of their current 8, I’d be in heaven

Maschine MK3 and Kontrol Mk2

Yep definitely room for improvement with Push 3.
Have a feeling it will be MPE enabled and have a linnstrument type touch panel :thinking:
Hearing rumours of Live 10 about to drop also


Make push 3 twice as small…


I do hope for MPE but thinking about it seriously, the market for it in a controller is minuscule. It would require quite the redesign of Push to achieve it for a little gain. I’d be very disappointed if MPE wasn’t a feature of Live 10 though.

The timing is good for a new Push in November. That’d make it nearly 2 years to the day when they launched Push 2. Push 1 appeared in March 2013 so a rough 2 year cycle of iterations wouldn’t surprise me but I have my doubts a Push 3 would bring with it the jump in features that Push 2 did.


I think Live 10 will have MPE for sure, even Bitwig has it, and think Push 3 will likely as well to take full advantage of the extra control. Combining this with linnstrument type control surface would be next level. This is the future imo


Agreed, I do think MPE is the future. I think it’d be more likely that Ableton would have a secondary controller for MPE than take Push and give it a continuous (for want of a better word) surface like seen on the Linnstrument. What you might see is some sort of MPE hybrd functionality in a Push 3. No ability to slide between notes (the gaps would remain) but vibrato, lift, attack sort of variations could be possible on each of the 64 pads.

But it all goes back to my original point - the market for MPE is still tiny. Ableton could be the guys to crack it but it’d quite the gamble to go all in with software and hardware for the next iteration.


Why not go all in and wait for Push V??


Preordered, heard that it’s having a toaster slot as well, couldn’t resist. Shipping starts around 2827 with Live 10 included.


People are referring to Push 3 in November. Where can I read more about this?
And you who are experienced Push 2 users, what do you think should be updated?
/a curious future user


i love push 2, and one thing I would especially like to see it do would be when you select the “device” button, it would be real swell if it opened the device window in ableton. as it is now, you can select the device but then you still have to move the cursor to open the device window… kind of a pain when there’s so much you can do without having to touch the computer.

otherwise, i think it’s top-notch


What’s MPE?



Thanks @PeterHanes :slight_smile:


What rumor? All I’ve heard is November rumors. Do you think it might be sooner?


https://loop.ableton.com/2017/ < Ableton Loop is November 10th - 12th this year. I would expect to see an announcement of something there if anything is coming. The news about MaxMSP earlier in the year may factor into things too I suppose! I eagerly await Live 10… I wonder if it my have some sort of mobile device version - someone is going to have to do it. The iPad Pro is getting there power wise…


Yes I’ve thought about it too. A live version for iOS and a Push for it with audio i/o. Would be a cool middle way to go.


If a well featured version of ableton came to iPad I dont know what more I could ask for. I dont think we’ll see ableton for iPad before we see logic and I doubt thats in the pipeline though. I think iOS ableton is a long shot but I certainly think a push 3 announcement is round the corner. There was a two year gap between push 1 and 2 and with the recent maschine announcement and the imminent release of OT mk2, I think all these companies know what each other are up to. nothing drives sales like competition. Im actually considering a push 2 but I think ill wait it out till ableton loop


I just hope they FINALLY add a takes feature. It would speed up my workflow so much. It’s kind of silly at this point that they don’t have it…


Can you explain how it would work?

Arm track then play then what’s the next action?


I can’t imagine any way this hypothetical Push 3 could be the same degree better than P2 as P2 was to P1.

GAS ain’t gonna get me THIS time