Wishes for Ableton Push 3 and Live 10


A post you made about flipping an MPC 2500 was actually the reason I made an account on elektronauts a long while ago, I barely know you but I bet £20 that gas gets you my friend


It just allows you to either loop a region and record multiple passes, or record multiple takes over a region. Then you can easily comp together the ideal performance from many recordings. Fully non destructive and editable by highlighting the parts you want from each take.
This is just for Live btw, never played with the Push


Yes. Something more Elektron (mk1, heh) sized would be welcome.

Built in audio interface, like Maschine MK3 is a no-brainer in a world with limited USB ports.

Plus better 3rd party plug-in mapping support out of the box (I waited so long for the isotonik editor thing that I sold my Push 2 before it was finished, and was issued a refund for it)


I think push 2 was a great box to have (I’m missing mine now that I have a stable computer -_- ). If they could steal…er…I mean copy…um I MEAN implement Elektron style p locks I would probably end up shelving the OT for awhile and just using it. I agree with @AdamJay reducing the size could be great too.

As far as Live overall, I don’t really have any complaints outside of bugs that were related to pc/m4l (Klang). While on a Mac I don’t have any issues, but VST3 might be cool, or other ways to reduce cpu usage while devices aren’t in use. More modulators like Bitwig has would be the Christmas present I’ve been wanting, currently I’m using the K modulators, some other M4L envelopes and Time & Timbre so it’s not preventing me from doing anything, however native modulators would be rad.


I’d love to be able to select a device’s audio and midi inputs and outputs on Push without having to use a mouse. I’d also like more support for non standard time signatures directly from Push, plus better support for the arrangement view. I’d also somehow like for none of these things to be addressed, so that I’m not tempted to upgrade…


VST 3 would be cool but, the developers have been super non-commital on that. Something about it they just don’t like…do they have to pay Steinberg to adopt it? Touch compatibility with the MS Surface Pro 4 (like Bitwig), and other Tablets would be very cool. I’d also like to see Sampler updated more closely in line with Kontakt, or HALion


Unless it’s just the sound design portion by themselves for a reasonable price, then I can’t see what they could add to the P2 that would compel me to upgrade(if the module can link with the current P2- that would be hopes and dreams- I’d buy two)

Otherwise I’ll take your bet(For me to lose it can’t be the knobs I talked about) . I’m only taking this bet because I want to believe in things again.

I’m a changed man, though(also, I can’t finagle any overtime these days)

Happy my foolishness with gear compelled you to join this wonderful community :slight_smile:


That would be something! The person I sold my Pyramid to gave me his copy of the Isotonik editor, I fiddled with it for a while, and never really managed to get it to work properly- I’m not sure it’s survived the increase of time, so that’s that. Would certainly be a cool edition, and hopefully this update could apply to P2.


there is a preogram that creates Komplete support… I used to have it in my push 1


Push 3 should have audio interface capabilities similar to the new Maschine at the very least.
Makes sense and for the premium dollars ableton ask for these big desk space grabbers, they need to cram more in IMO.
If they can do a standalone mode similar to the MPC LIVE that would be great, wouldn’t hold my breathe for that though.

Thinking about it now, a new Push 3 to act as DC coupled interface would be the bomb. Reaktor and Bitwig natively support the ability to control analog gear via CV. Hope that functionality is on the cards.


what is DC?


Direct Coupling.

DC coupled outputs can send control voltages for CV gear.


I would love it to be a standalone box. And actually half the size. Just go with 32 pads 8 x 4 - that would be the ultimate. I sold mine due to the bulkiness basically, but I have to say I do miss it. It’s so great for controlling an Ableton set, and for general playability.

I still think navigation could use work, for using instruments or programming a patch, it’s still much faster to just knock it out with the mouse. And this might sound weird but something like Apples touch bar would go great somewhere on that thing. Touch control would be awesome for a dynamically changing set of controls with minimal pressure needed to activate a setting.

If it went more of an MPC live route, I’d be stoked. Imagine a box of that size, taking Operator, Analog, Drum Racks and Sampler with you on the road, built in interface. Jam it all out. Then plug in when you get home and the whole Ableton set is there. That’s the dream for me :slight_smile:

I think the jump to Push 3 and Live 10 will be huge.


I don´t like how fast these machines become obsolete. So my wish for Push 3 is that will not be released before 2020. Or that at least new features will be available for the “old” Push 2 as good as possible.

For Live 10 (or any 9.x update) I need customizable keyboard shortcuts. I want to open an editor of a VST plugin with pressing a button on my keyboard. I don´t understand why they advert so much how you can use Ableton only with a controller but for this basic feature you always need a mouse.


This is actually a good reason I want it stand alone. I always felt Push was just a glorified Midi Controller. Not obsolete per se, but it can never function on its own.


Heh excuses excuses, if you buy it gas got ya, no exceptions! Yeah man thanks, its a cool place. Proud owner of an OT somewhat thanks to your gear flipping. Ive never been a push user myself but I need something more deeply integrated with an ITB setup. Im kind of sick of the convoluted saving and recalling of projects using an old MPC and an octatrack sequencing VSTs, I just wanna be able to create in the box nice and smoothly then transfer stems into OT for live remixing/chopping/destroying. I would be quite content with just OT if I could just track it out easily. Anyway back in topic though im gonna wait till loop to see if a push 3 comes out, failing that probably pick up a maschine mk3. Is the push 2 that great? Would still consider it even if a 3 doesnt show up


Coming from MPC you might favor the Maschine more? It’s a really cool piece of kit, even moreso now that it’s got a soundcard- 1 stop shop definitely.

I loved Maschine so much I grew to hate it for making a track with. From my experience it’s just session view in Ableton- and you have to route the audio/Midi out to your DAW in some way to freely make a track. I consider myself a little bit more of a jammer when it comes to composition, and o like the Push 2 because all of it’s taking place in Ableton no routing necessary- no rigging. Sampling, semi-complete sound design, all that jazz. Also one thing that bugged me with Maschine is if you have two scenes with the same pattern-if you change the pattern in one scene, it changes the pattern throughout.

That was an absolute clash for how I work despite Maschine actually being a lot of fun to work with.

If that works for you, though- definitely consider it. And I suppose you’ve already inspected the MPC Live? That STILL, to me, seems better than the Maschine due to its standalone/controller hybrid ability.


Push 2 is amazing. A smaller version would be awesome for live rigs - although I’d rather see both a full size and smaller option.

For Ableton 10

  • I really want to see an interface refresh - to match Push 2’s gorgeous hi res & hi contrast graphics - (Push 2 aside) Ableton is starting to look very dated… Something like this concept would be amazing (https://dribbble.com/shots/2255100-Ableton-Live-Redesign-Concept) somewhere there is a link to his website, which I can’t find right now.

  • Also a better reverb would be awesome (along the lines of FabFilter Pro-R - NOT A MAX FOR LIVE PLUGIN PLEASE!).

  • I’d also like to see Plugin Delay Compensation working properly, plugin wrapping for crashes (maybe I’m wording that wrong, but for plugins to crash separately from Live would save a lot of headaches when tracking down bugs).


  • Something similar to Digitakt’s global parameter changes with reload function - would be killer for live performance.

Oh and a more logical way (ala every other DAW) to route sidechain audio for 3rd party plugins!!!


I don’t think it’s likely, but I’d love to see them offer a separate mix/master controller focussed on mixing, eq, compression etc. Similar to the softube console 1. I don’t really have any need for all the pads. If it had onboard DSP and maybe an expanded line of 3rd party collaborations in Live 10 (like with cytomic for Glue), that would be ace.


I was actually dead set on the MPC live, when it was announced my jaw dropped. it was like the exact machine I wanted suddenly appeared unexpectedly after a 10(?) year gap between standalone MPCs. I kind of read up too much and scared myself off them after seeing a lot of people complaining about bugs, im not sure if its just average internet complaining and people exaggerating their issues but how passionately some of these people are talking about the complete unusability of them has made me way cautious. Thats why im considering a push though, integration cant get tighter than just controlling the DAW