Will there ever be an AK mk II if there's an A4 mk II?


I am totally saving for an AK mk2…
Would love a synth like this without any menu.
Could make quite an intimidating plane cockpit, but there is some room on the AK…


I really wish they would say one way or another what their plans are here… i desperately want an AK but last time i pulled the trigger on stuff Mk II’s were announced immediately and it felt like a big letdown.


AK MKI has been Out of Stock in Elektron’s store for some weeks. This used to be a sign in the near past by other MKI devices :slight_smile:


Hi guys?
Elektron’s flagship products, OT, A4, and Rytm, both Mkii
Has been released, but AK mkii still no news?
Will it be released?
I wish I had a lighter weight and a wider LCD if I had a personal wish.


I was holding out to see if there would be an AK mkii. I was torn between getting an A4mkii or an AKmki - simply because the keys and the joystick would be a nice way to modulate the sounds.

I decided to bite the bullet and get the A4Mkii… but yes, I’d be annoyed if they bring out an AKMkii, if you’re going to do that, just announce it at the same time as the desktop version.

I wonder if there’s a way I can use my Kaoss pad to achieve the same results as the joy stick would do on the AK… Has anyone tried this??


Page 96 of the a4mk2 manual shows you whats midi specifications are used with cc values as well as NRPN messages.

So the answer is yes you can do some fun stuff with the kaoss pad. I would suggest reading up on the NRPN standard as not all features have cc’s.


Me too, buddy- but I’ve been too busy to hit the gym :confused:


I think if there is going to be an AK mkII, it would make a lot of sense to take advantage of the additional real estate. I would very interested in it if it offered 6-8 voices and had additional knobs & buttons to expose all sub-menus to immediate access.


True! I reckon with their new approach they’re probably work to make the features immediately accessible. I bet there WOULD be something like a knob per function on a potential AKmk2

Edit: That would be INSANE now that I think about it


And crazy enough to work.


That would be insane, I’d be very interested in something like this.

It’s price could be very scary though, probably above 2k…


Tho actually, an eight track digital and dirty something slapped onto a glorious 37-keyboard with Elektron’s sequencer and character, would be like the best thing since Star Wars.

The first three, mind you, not anything that came after.


If a new Elektron Keyboard is in the wings, i’d expect to hear at NAMM 2018 (so end of January).
I think it’s very possible.
On the other hand i’m VERY happy with my AK MkI !


I’m assuming you mean chronologically, if you mean episodically- let me know and I’ll redact my “like”


Anything else would be insane.

Though historians already debate wether Lucas perhaps was just that, insane, as he went to work on The Three Stooges, as Ep 1 - 3 are now known to be called by anyone but the insane.


And I’m assuming you haven’t been to the cinema since December 13



Yeah OB helps a lot but would be good if they redesigned their standard interface.
Too much page shifting etc, with still a relative small screen doesn’t do it for me at all ergonomically.
Still waiting for them to lose the encoders and put in standard pots also, but don’t think that will ever happen. Way to fiddly and erratic responsiveness for me personally.
An AK2 has the real estate to address current issues


Also true😊


Thanks Phesago, I’ll look into this today and see if I can get my Kaoss pad hooked up and working!

I’ve read pretty far into the manual, just not as far as page 96, other than my Analog Heat, this is my first piece of Elektron gear, so I’m still figuring it all out and referring to the manual as and when I get stuck :slight_smile:


I expected AK mkii from this Namm 2018 but …
Will it be released this year?