Will there ever be an AK mk II if there's an A4 mk II?


It’s sounding like Elektron will refresh the A4 with a facelift for mkII as well.

I’m on the verge of getting an AK in a few months and I’m wondering if anybody thinks there will be any sort of refresh of that? I know there’s been rumors that it sold below expectations and they don’t plan on doing another keyboard-based device - i wonder if that will keep them from bothering with an AK mkII.

Analog Keys MK II?
Dear Elektron: Do you have future plans for an Analog Keys MKII?
Any rumors about Analog Keys MK2?

IMO, AK is the oneElektron that would benefit the most of a mk II refacing.
Fill the remaining space with knobs and buttons, basically rendering the need for the menu buttons pointless, and you turn it into a whole new beast !!!
Add “hidden” parameters that need more than one click and it’s becoming a spaceship !

Wonder how tweaking two envelopes at the same time would be reflected on screen though.
But maybe the screen would be less needed, in fact :slight_smile: Or some alternative view showing only the values for the tweaked knobs would be sufficient…




I think the ak will go the way of the mono keys sf6. Limited run.

Analog keys is one of the best synths out there - it’s a classic but so cheap secondhand right now.


I think also the AK will not see a remake. Maybe Elektron will offer a Keyboard with a a Joystick as an expansion connected via usb or midi ?


Considering how much of the A4 MK2 update was bridging the gap between A4 MK1 and AK (voice outputs, dedicated menu buttons) … I don’t anticipate it.

A larger screen would be a welcome update for many people though, certainly.

But as it is now, AK is a classic.


The AK is also the only synth you can buy direktly from Elektron; at the moment!


I think they will bring out an AK mk II.
Liked the first one except the hideous screen so that alone would make it a worthy upgrade.


True. It’s kinda a shame the A4mkII is so much bigger though. Same size, multiple outputs(I’m fine with the screen size) AK sound with the fit anywhere size.

Definitely on the fence on this one. Though, finances are on the fence as well. So, I guess I’m glad there’s a tying together of both things for now


Shoot! I’m just testing my A4 out now getting ready to trade it for a Deepmind 12. It’s so magical- but hard to use for my purposes(stereo outs and a reluctance to OB)

…I’m probably going to get a MKII…



I was not impressed when I heard Deepmind was a clone of a 106. After spending time on one, it sounds much better (IMHO) than an Prophet 08 or 12! The effects are awesome, and could have been a synth costing $1500-2000 easy!

If Elektron makes an Analog Keys MKII, I’ll eventually get one. It they address the request for external midi control, and maybe add an extra voice or 2…I’ll get one the day it’s available!



I’m very excited to hear that!

I’ve heard some great demos of the thing- for my computer direction - it definitely seems like a good spring of analog to throw into tracks. Also looks good for jamming and twiddling on


So what are the odds the keys version of the Analog Four will be updated to MKII? I’m ready to buy one now but hate to do so if a MKII version pops up two or three months from now.


If there was just a book maker somewhere that would take that bet, it would be like an insurance policy against a mk II. The bet would have to pay-off more than the cost to sell and buy.

I own the AK and love it, and don’t see much of a downside to an AK mkII, nor a high likelihood – though it is possible.

A good tell (though not a 100% guarantee) that goes out a few months, is when Elektron has listed a product as ‘Out of Stock’ for a while. That was true for the OT AR and A4 – but false positives are also possible, the Digitakt has been ‘oos’ for a while now and i don’t think it’s ready for the mkII yet? :ghost:


Why do I even read this thread ?
Each time I have to take the time to convince me again that I’m perfectly fine with my current gear…


(I tell myself I’m just here as a moderator…)


You’re thumbnail picture suggests that’s impossible :slight_smile:


I think the Prophet 08 is a good synth. Something about it didn’t resonate with me, and I sent it on to someone else. I loved my Prophet 6 though. You have to go with what inspires you. I had to buy the A4 twice, before it hit me. Now Elektron is going to make me buy it yet again…it’s ok though because it’s going to be awesome!



If the AK had 8 voices and cost 1.5X to 2X I would buy it. Otherwise I will stick with my Pro-2 and A4 box.

The OT II is most interesting to me, but I am going to wait and see if more features are added, including Overbridge.


OB will never come to the OT due to the limitations of the hardware.