Will there ever be an AK mk II if there's an A4 mk II?


There are to be no internal hardware improvements? The OT II is simply a redress, then? Sorry about the tangent. I read the discussion about the OT II when first announced but haven’t checked back. I will go look.


I think somewhere in these threads it’s been discussed that the internals of the OT is old(er) and can’t run OB.


It’s also in the main OT MKII thread.

Elektron said no OB plans.


I’m not usually one to complain about prices, but man, How much is the Analog Keys Mk2 going to cost, if the Four Mk2 is 1449€ already?

I hate this release model.
A product is announced early to slow people from buying competing products. Preorders will be taken, but demos are not given. Extra price will be taken from fans, and when fans are catered, the price will be lowered to suit the general market.

I don’t want to buy a product without testing it, but nowadays, it seems, if you want it, you pay the extra and preorder ASAP blind folded.

At least release the demos please!


We’ve been through all the mk2 negativity already.
O.g. price is insane right now, plus these instruments actually exist.
Marketing being what it is, let it aside and treat yourself with a mk1 and have fun !

I bet interesting prices will come in December, until then there are so many interesting offers out there.


There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that an AKmk2 is on the forefront- as the A4mk2 appears to just be updated to the AK bar. The mk2 benefit being a smaller footprint than the keys(a little bit) and the screen and buttons- AK has that deeper sound, indiv outs already. An AK update would just be the screen/buttons- which would require a completely new design and new buttons for an update that would just be for the screen mostly

Edit: not to mention, desktop synths are closer to Elektron’s branding, and having just the AK being only one version makes sense as it’s an outlier


Ah, I was a bit wary to whine straight into the ants nest, sorry to hear this forum already imbued with negativity, because I fully welcome this MK2 business. I am only a bit fed up with this business model of selling first batches out before even showing demos, let alone being able to see it first hand, and don’t like the cream skimming either.

This is not directed to Elektron; I have not seen Korg Minilogue yet either, and my Korg reselller says, " you can pre-order from the next batch, but hurry, there’s not many left".

I can’t buy the MK1, as I am hoping to see the Overbridge to carry me to iOS land some day. If that happens, I’m guessing it will happen with the MK2’s.

And I would need a synth now, but if the A4 proves to be THAT good, perhaps I could just gnash my teeth and wait a bit longer, but the problem is;
It is going to be sold out before you know how good it is, and then you must wait even longer.


I understand, but marketing techniques shouldn’t be a thing to worry much about.
890€ A4 right now and new in the other hand is the thing to think about.
600€ second hand !

For someone that hasn’t a mk1 right now, these mk2 announcements are actually quite a gift :smile:


All the demos will show is different look and few button clicks less for most part.
Rytm is a different story but I think that sampling alone makes it very nicely priced at this point.

And as @LyingDalai said it indeed was a gift. On brand new A4 and OT I saved close to $750 from what it was priced just before the announcement.
Then I bought a 4 months old Rytm for $1000 with factory warranty and all official sample packs. If I find that I need the sampling that much I will sell it without much loss, add some from the savings, end up with a brand new Rytm too and still cash in pocket.
I’m SUPER happy lol


Yeah, there certainly is no evidence of the MK2 Keys, but if I buy the MK1 now, the MK2 will be announced this week.

I thought that, especially considering the Octatrack Mk2, on average, the main change the Mk2 brings, are the buttons and screen.

And it is sensible to replace old components with new ones in all products.

Of course they might have enough old components in storage for keeping the Keys as it is for a bit longer.


That’s a valid point, actually.

I have no idea why they didn’t have the branding be consistent across all the mk2s…that’s just bizarre to me…


While I am not holding my breath for it subverting the Analog 4’s sound, there was a promise of renewed circuitry.

And why wouldn’t anyone interested want to see demos of new products?


I’m not expecting a keys mk2, and I’m not expecting this to happen, but you made me think what if one came out and it matched the new OT…


They could make it more convenient? Have the panel + screen on an adjustable angle to make it more convenient to patch on it? Might be worth the extra money


I’ve mentioned my thoughts about this in my MK2 Video i did couple of Weeks ago. I dont think that the AK will see an upgrade. Not because it is “perfect” the way it is, not because the A4 MKII gets closer to it - because of Sales! I assume that Sales cant compete with A4 MKI Sales. And Elektron became bottom-line oriented in the last years, so they will not spend time and effort on things that wont sell very well - in the end.


Do you have actual sales numbers? It would be interesting to know relative sales of the Elektron products.

Obviously the relation between AK sales and A4 sales is irrelevant to this decision. What is relevant from a business standpoint is whether the upgrade would return up to or above Elektron’s expected return on investment (ROI). Also relevant is the availability of engineering time, you should prioritize projects by ROI for engineering time, factoring in other issues like product mix and brand reputation, etc.

By the way umonox your last Digitakt video on doing chords is enormously helpful.for me.


Nope, i dont have Sales Numbers - that would be awesome :smiley: Its just an assumption because i’ve seen so much people selling their AKs over at ebay in the last couple of years. A4 sales on second hand market just started recently with the announcement of the MK2. And while Analog Fours were out of Stock in the stores at times - the Analog Keys was always available. And in several stores it was available as B-Stock in high numbers too, i.e.: People bought it and sent it back within their return period. This is for Germany, i dont know if its reflecting the overall Sales but like i mentioned in my MK2 Video: I assume that the Formfactor is also a major Player here. The AK is just enormous :slight_smile: And lots of people are living an appartment Live these days and simply dont have the space for it :wink:

Thanks in regards to the video man! Glad it helped you. Stay tuned for the progress of this track - i still have no clue where it will move to :smiley:


If they refresh AK to MKII with additional features and touches like MIDI control, that would be a viable lower cost option than the far more expensive Virus TI2 Polar.


The bottom line is nobody knows until Elektron tells us, or there is some kind of leak.


So I’m more or less a lurker here but I have an Octatrack which is a major source of inspiration for my music. I’m curious as to why there hasn’t been much speculation about a new generation of Analog Keys given the announcement of the new generation of Ocatrack, A4, and AR. It seems to me that the AK has been the flagship Elektron product for some years now and a new iteration would make sense unless maybe they’re planning on a new product to be the biggest and baddest Elektron on the market. I’m personally saving for an AK to act as my main keyboard beyond its inherent functionality so I hope I don’t jump the gun and buy one right before a big announcement of a new keyboard synth. I hit the sweetspot with Ableton Push, holding out until Push 2 came out by dumb luck, and then missed Octa MK II by a few months, so maybe I’ll hit the sweet spot again this time. :grimacing: