Why So Many Selling A4's?




A lot of gear gets sold to fund other gear, especially things that are worth bank but are easier to physically sell like desktop modules (as opposed to keyboards). I bet Elektron boxes are some of the most re-sold gear in the industry.



@taro has a thread on here about the pack: A4 FM Drum Patch Pack. It’s also well worth checking out his MOD drum pack, too (A4 MOD Drum Patch Pack). Great drum sounds.


To me the A4 is the easiest of the Elektron boxes to use, and it is also my favourite and most mastered. I also own Keys but prefer A4 just for portability. Essentially they are the same beast in terms of controls for the most part.


I like this!
Yet, easiest in the way of how much time you invest. It takes time sometimes, Definitely “straight forward and easy to use” AR is basically the same paradigm with less control though.
I know it’s nit picking, but somehow that much trimming of the interface has a nice result.
Not a slight on the A4, again I LOVE how much is packed into this box


I think people do this because thay wnat mk2 or something else entirely …


this counts for all elektron boxes for me


I need to figure out the song mode and put a little bit lotion on it.


A4 is probably the one I spent most time with due to its synthesis capability, so there is truth in what you say. I just don’t see it as particularly harder than any of the other boxes unless one struggles with principles of synthesis sound design. Easier layout synths probably make sound design easier to work with, but you have to like and enjoy synthesis sound designing to get the most out of A4. With Rytm you can get away with less synthesis sound design, etc.
It also helps that I like how it sounds, and don’t really have an issue with 4 voice architecture.




Please continue promoting the A4.

…but change the threads title to something like “Why so less selling A4’s?”, that might help me :smile:


The answer has pretty much been given, but here in Australia not seeing a peak of them selling.


Wow, paid 50% more than the current rate two years ago and that seemed to be about market price, crazy! Ah well, all the more reason to never sell it :wink:

I can sort of see why people would be put off the A4 though. Tiny screen, lots of parameter pages, more complex OS than the later boxes and not the easiest to make it sound great. However, I’ve found it’s actually really quick to use once you’re used to it and as with all Elektron’s it becomes partially muscle memory. It also has a great performance mode, my favourite reverb and chorus of any Elektron, CV out and you can get some amazing sounds from it if you persevere a little.

At this price I’d honestly say it’s a no brainer if you have any interest at all!


Yeah the tiny screen on the mk 1 is a definite downside. I do like the form factor over the mk 2 though!


Thank you for introducing!! @tsutek @spikysimon

I think a4mk1 is harder to create fat sounds compared to other analog synthesizers, but the sounds that can be created are much more extensive than general analog synthesizers. I think especially the metallic sound is unique to a4.


…no really…once i got rid of the thought i gotto be able to reproduce my sonic results and made it a fixed habit to catch everything on the fly instead, i never had trouble to come up with unique stuff at once…

this way my total recall aproach is satisfied anyway, so i’m able to just let go and whatever i do with it, my sonic discovery whish list is endlessly fulfilling…

and again, it’s the elektron sequencer that makes the essential difference to all the others…
no daw sequencing can catch up with that instant amount to let ur lines breathe and talk…and sing…truu analog bliss at it’s best…

if ur only able to catch that…all is fine…and no…as much i never go live without an ot, that much i’d never ever even think again about the option to have an a4 with me on stage…the a4 is a studio machine full on…and as complex as advanced modular patch stuff…

so, no wonder many people out there can’t enjoy the a4 in first place and get rid of them before they really come to the intresting parts of it…who want’s elektron approach for everyone goes best with the model…


The A4 is an iconic classic, especially the superior Mk1 with its velvet matt black finish and arty round buttons. These things are getting harder to find … :wink:


There is an unprecedented availability of cheap monos on the market… also, contrary to most here, I find the FM abilities of the A4 unsatisfying… and this was the main reason I sold it. I wanted to use it as a drum machine with the nord drum pads.


To be fair I don’t think the A4 is synonymous with FM - that’s not at all what it was designed and created for. However, I do think the A4 is an incredible drum machine (obviously not an FM synthesis drum machine) - I am surprised anyone would sell an A4 because it wasn’t good enough as a drum machine.