Why So Many Selling A4's?


If they put out an analog with a similar interface to the DN, I think it would sell much more than the A4. The A4 is great, and I really enjoyed the one that I had. I may pick up a MkII down the road a bit too. However, for me, and my ultra-compressed timelines for music (as in I have very little time unfortunately) it’s not how deep the synth is, but how quickly I can get depth out of what is presented. So the “immediacy” buzzword comes into play heavily. I can patch something up on a modular nearly instantly. It’s deep, but the interface is instantaneous. The Digi series is like a nearly perfect mid-step between something like that, and say the A4.

I can get a ton out of an A4, but it will take most of my time budget. I can get something nice out of one of the Digis in a matter of seconds/minutes, and get to writing music. The one thing I do miss about the A4 though is its CV implementation. It’s among the best out there including things tailored to the task like Kentons, Encores, etc. In fact, if I do get another one, it will be heavily integrated with my modulars.

If Elektron could put something like the A4 into a Digi box, and still retain the CV functionality, it would incredible. They could just use the multimode filter, or maybe an SSI2144 based low pass, (one or the other rather than both) for example, maybe do some hybrid of digital and analog oscillators to cut down on analog circuitry, etc.


If they could squeeze “all” the functionality in there with a quicker interface that would be great, if not I’d prefer two tiers of devices so everybody has an option that suits them and those that want all the functionality aren’t left without any options…


Oh, I don’t think they should ditch the A4 for the A-Minus :wink: Not at all. Just adding the Digi-Style “DigiLog” would be a very cool option. Maybe even the Model:Analog. A mono-synth with Elektron sequencing, hands on controls, and a CV Out, Gate Out, and Aux-CV Out. State Variable multimode filter would cover a lot of ground too in very little PCB space…


The A4 has been the least desireable Elektron box for ages.


Yet just by reading about it over the years I can see how some might think it’s the best one…


disputable: low end, ladder filter and env short range
perhaps too prudent (smooth?)
anyway remains the head of my set


Because there’s a trillion cheap great sounding analogue synths on the market now.


One thing I don’t understand is how many people sleep on the FX for external instruments. Pedalboards are everywhere but for the price of a decent stereo chorus, delay, and reverb pedal you can get a used A4 mk1 which has a great version of these FX in one smallish box. And they can be sequenced and animated with P-locks and LFOs. And they can be tempo synced or not. And entire FX configurations are recallable. And if you’re feeling saucy you can process the sound with 8 analog filters, pan, gate, AM, overdrive, etc.

Oh and I guess you also get a 4 voice analog poly synth, 4 multitimbral mono synths, and an analog drum machine but who cares about that stuff right?


Would love to run my guitar through one using the filters, envelopes, fx, etc… I could plock all those and have a sequenced guitar fx/anlalog filter/plus box slaved to OT and switch through the patterns/kits and what not for tons of variation. Send that A4 processed signal back into OT for slicing, warping, reverse, etc., etc… Get me a guitar to midi pickup to play the oscillators blended or not with the guitar and its game over…
Performance macros… Multi Map… CV sequencer… Shit I want an A4 now… :joy:


and in similar news, the machinedrum market seems to have really dried up of late. maybe it’s just a phase. :smile:


You will be glad to have the extra 4 voices of polyphony to accompany the MK2, comparable to the price of a new Korg Minilogue XD - but at least the MK1 is multitimbral with more filter and modulations options.


A4 Mk2 has 4 more voices of polyphony? So you can play 8-voice chords?


Only if the new MK2 is polychained to his existing MK1. Sorry for the confusion.


The Analog Keys is the finest piece of analog synth I’ve ever laid my fingers on. The joystick on it is the finest piece of joystick I’ve ever laid my fingers on (except for the C64 joystick I had as a kid, beating high scores in Sex Games with). I hope that box lives longer then me.

When used as a straight up regular synth, the 4 voices can feel a bit limiting. Thankfully it does provide all those different envelope shapes that helps you mold a sound to make this less apparent (this is one of the AK/A4s many strengths), and probably comes in handy a bit more on the AK then the A4. There’s no menu diving to speak of when you’re not dealing with projects, patterns and whatnot. Man I’d love to see a 8 voice AK with another octave or two added. I love using the sequencer, where 4 voices is a non-issue, but I love just jamming on the thing as well.


The A4 is pretty diverse, and I don’t think people like that… People like their bass synth and their drum synth and their pad synth and their lead synth. But having them all in one box can be overwhelming for some people. Especially if they aren’t confident programming sounds or don’t understand the architecture.

Personally it’s my go-to synth. It takes a while longer to program because iof the sheer amount of parametres but the sounds are next level compared to my Minilogue. and I don’t even bother comparing it to my Mono’s now as the routing mods on the A4 are so amazing… I can almost do anything wit it…

But like I said, some people like one knob per function and an easier interface…


A4 is one of the best analogue drum machines out there :nyan:

I guess people feel the same about the A4 as they feel about the OT… jack of many trades and master of few. Maybe that confuses them? dunno


It happens when one runs out of gas.


The A4 was my first Elektron box in 2016. I sold it after 9 month when I got me a Dominion 1. With the Dom1 it was instant love and I had a “wow, now THAT is analog sound”-moment. Compared to the Dom1 the A4 sounded just weak and plastic to my ears and it had to go. Never looked back.


I was so busy using it for, not drums, since I bought it.
My live sets are set up that way.
But YES, as a drum machine it’s freaking incredible.
Only started dabbling, but my next few projects will definitely move that way for a bit.
A4 for Drums, AR for basses and leads etc, OT to mix/remix/effect.


It was the now legendary kimura taro FM drum pack for A4 that made me “see the light”. Those sounds are incredible :+1: