Why So Many Selling A4's?


I will pick one up again once it hits the 300 euro price range. Shouldnt take long.


I will do the same. As soon as it reach à little price, I bought a second one. First for drum, second for the 4 mono tracks and why not a third for polysynth.
Nice sounding to my ears.


I’ll buy another one to place in storage as a back up at that price.


I don’t think I’d ever sell mine. It’s too flexible as a synth and the CV sequencing is phenomenal. Given the space, I’d buy another for use as a drum synth and, since we’re speculating here, a mark II for the CV inputs and multiple outs too.


yep, given all the cv option for me it stays untill the end of my music days :smiley: Its a great synth if you play live shows / concerts. Its all in one box … sequencer, great synths, great fx … not to mention using the A4 as an fx box for external sounds! In my live set up I run my korg volca bass into A4 inputs for the reverb and synced delays. Which is great as I´m using different delay times on different tracks / kits … and often the special song releated delay time (3/8 or 2/8) really matters.

Just wondering if MK 1 and MK 2 sound that different? Can someone explaine a little bit or have some comparison tracks? That would be nice.


This thread has a thousand and a half views in a day, it’ll probably help sell some of those A4’s…


hmm, so should I sell my mk I for a mk II then? :wink:

I tend to use the A4 in “one elektron box only” type of rigs, so maybe, just maybe I could live with the bigger form factor… Impedance balanced indiouts and CV inputs wouldn’t be bad either…


the outs are trs stereo (after pan) are they not, just like the AK !

CV ins would be great on a unit with (often unused) CV outs for sure


Oh man, you’re right! No impedance balanced indiouts is a dealbreaker for me. Sticking with the mk I, the changes are not worth it for me.


Agree totally. Live, the A4 has been the mainstay of my setup, with a Volca Bass and other little devices added to taste. The FX are invaluable for saving flight case space, especially as half the time I have to get the bus to gigs.


Certainly not helping me ignore them!


definitely not more than the Sidstation! menus on menus on menus!

(but I still love it)


I had mine for 2 weeks and returned it… I couldn’t do it.

It’s a synthesis based groovebox but the synthesis aspect (which is at least half (if not more) of its appeal in my opinion as opposed to just using a sampler) is awful. Constant page flipping, somewhat related parameters on different pages. Itt comes with plenty of synthesis options but at a cost of creative hindrance. For the amount of screen sink on an analog hardware synth, the output isn’t worth it based on the sound of the raw oscillators.

It’d be nice if Elektron would make a knobby analog synth with the Elektron sequencer and a keyboard, and it has to be more than four voices. Analog Keys was so close but lacked enough voices for me, and right below all that empty space under the “Analog Keys” logo, there should’ve been a grid of dedicated parameter encoders and maybe a set of envelope faders that’d affect their destination regardless of where the software is at.

It’s still a great device and probably one of the best sounding drum machines I’ve used. My new Octatrack is on the way and I couldn’t be more excited though.


I bet if they do release another keys synth it’ll have a whole section of per-function knobs as well as their usual multi page encoders.

[this post is more in reference to the AK rather than A4]


But when they really do that, then let them use additional endless encoders and not simple pots. Otherwise it a chore to use them when switching sounds.

An AK with all (or half of all + FUNC) parameters of the active track layed out on encoders would be a knobby dream …


I’m sure a model:synth will be something like that. No idea if it will be mono or poly though


I’d guess with all the prospective spare space on the original AK n the direction they’ve gone with the m:s it wouldn’t be too far fetched an idea.


I got mine two years ago, and for the moment I haven’t plans to sell. I love the workflow, I agree that isn’t easy to work at the first time, but the patient is rewarded. You can get sounds really weird using the differents env and LFOs, and the capability of routing is so deep.

Maybe the workflow the new remakes synths of behringers are an approach more simple and easy to use… but imo, you lose many others options.

Sometimes I plug in MD and A4 together, and that give me hours and hours of fun and creativity.


I would have flipped mine if I hadn’t made a nice controller for it mapped to most of the parameters. I like the synth but hate the encoders.


At first it seems a bit menu heavy, but after some time and practice… not so much.
there are only few submenus, and they are more for the detailed bonus stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

the basics are just a button press away
I feel that my workflow is really fast with it