A4 FM Drum Patch Pack


A4 FM Drum Patch Pack[$8]

This patch collection was created with sound like FM synth.These Patches are drums and percussions sounds.

Including(245 sounds + 16kits/patterns + 17 bonus sounds)-[$8]

  • 245sound Patches(BD-16, Clap-13, Clave-3, Cowbell-4, Cymbal-9, Ride- 1, Hihat-6, Tambourine-4, Percussion-152, Rim shot-3, Snare-14, Noise-2, Zap-1)

  • 16kits,16Patterns

  • Additional bonus sounds(Pad, Bell, Bass, etc.)-14 patches[6/11, 2017]

  • Additional bonus sounds vol.2(Percussion)-3 patches[4/4, 2018]

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Dude! This is amazing!


Got your email earlier today…
Already purchased.

I love how you offer sysex in batches of the different sound types. Wonderful.

Thank you!


They sound really good!


Awesome / done / purchased.


245 sounds! Well done. After my 1991 A4 soundpack, I was going to follow it up with an all-FM pack, but it looks like you have the market cornered (at least with drum-sounds)! :smile:

People may not understand the effort it takes to create this many unique sounds without too much duplication. Well worth the 3 or 8$!


Quoted for truth.


Thanks!!! @Ryan @AdamJay @flocked @flocked @Rusty @glitched

I was inspired by EFM synthesis(Machinedrum) and made this pack.


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thanks for you effort in making these, bought - they sound great


Bought !
I want to make my own sounds but it seems very inspiring !
I really like the “acoustic feeling” of certain sounds.
Inspired by japanese drums such as taiko too ?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thank you.
It is inspired by tabla, djembe, bongo, tombak, Mad Max Fury Road and Only God Forgives.


[quote=“taro, post:15, topic:39836”]
tabla, djembe, bongo, tombak and Mad Max Fury Road.
Great ! You start from scratch when you make a sound ?
Do you have special knowledge, worked with softwares, Machine Drum and other machines ?


Yes, I start from scratch, but if I can make one good sound, I will make sound inspired from that sound. And repeat it.

Although special knowledge is not necessary, when making an acoustic percussion with analog synth, it is better to use self-oscillation of the filter than oscillator.


It is a little technique of this sound pack.
The percussion sounds that are set to be longer in release are natural sounds when playing with a very short note length.


Outstanding sound design, I am deeply impressed!


You should sell it officially on elektron.se. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of standard patch packs that add more of the same. But this adds some complete new sounds and is worth getting sold officially on elektron.se

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Little record with your pack !
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