Where do you have your heat in your signal chain?


Just curious.

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Single box or entire rig thru Heat?

One on 2bus, one on aux :wink:


Anywhere…not really on master yet.
OT Cue Out > AH > OT INAB
OT Cue Out > AH > A4
Guitar > AH > Guitar Amp
Signal > AH In L > AH Out L > AH In R > AH Out R > Analog Drive…


I have it on the master, glueing everything together and as a master volume. It is not conductive to using it 100% but that’s ok.


On the master. I turn it on after I’ve tweaked my track as much as I can before, and then apply the Heat to it. Usually takes me a few days to get it right. I add some tweaks, go about and do something else, return to tweak some more, and then do something else, and so on.

I also use the track’s most intense part as reference for the Heat’s output, especially when it comes to the thresholds, since I like to set the thresholds to kick in when the track’s most alive, and fall back when it’s calmer. It adds another dimension to its movement, if the Heat shifts up as the rest of the track does.


So is it safe to run the outs straight to the monitors?



Maybe pay attention when dialing in high res and then sweeping the filter at high volumes.


Watch the resonance especially. Can get really nasty really quickly, if you don’t know (or know exactly) what you’re doing.


I watched a youtube video this morning about fx pedal order (for guitars, but still made me think). Right now I have Analog Heat at the end of the 2 bus working its hot magic. One thing that came up in the video though was if you have reverb or delay before a gain/distortion, then it will mess with how the tails fade away. Should I consider putting the reverb after the heat? Or is thinking of the Heat as a gain pedal an oversimplification of its inherent beauty? I know I could be over-thinking it, and maybe I should let my ears decide.


I’d do that.

I’d do that too. :slight_smile:


on the sum - before the Elysia


I do, but since the AH can be by-passed I don’t move it around. Right now I have the group outs of my mixer going thru it, so I can use it when sampling & on the master. Basically I have it set up so I can use it on anything & everything. I just bypass it when I don’t want to use it.


Well, in my case, I don’t have a proper mixer with send return. I also kinda don’t want to keep plugging / unplugging per scenario because time for jamming is limited, so I’d rather just set it up and leave it. Ideally, I should pick up that Mackie I’ve been eyeing, but for now, I was trying to figure out an alternative that works in my situation.


so you have Heat and Drive. Interesting…


Yeah, I have guitar pedals & I move them around :slightly_smiling_face:
I have my AH set up, so I can use it on EVERYTHING or NOTHING without moving it, which is great for me.


Very different. AD has much more high gain / distorsion possibilities, but it is noisier.
Surprisingly with certain settings I can prefer AD for drums and AH for guitar.
In a chain I prefered AH before AD…
I think I’ll buy a 2nd AD rather than a 2nd AH !


Of course…how else would you make it stereo? :content:


Funny thing is, I have a few pedals too, but I also want to just plug them and let them be, almost like their own instrument. See YouTube example below. My line of thinking might be inflexible, I guess I’m still just feeling it out.
Obligatory YouTube embed:


specifically, I have it here:

but as far as signal chain, wherever. it’s connected to a patch bay. usually I feed drums into it. sometimes a whole mix. it depends.


I’ve been using my AH on my Digitone outs. And it’s been great! But now I bought a Double Drummer and want to be able to route it through the AH too. I’d rather not use the AH on aux/send as my mixer is the X18, and that will add a couple of unwanted A/D stages! I’m thinking about getting a small analog mixer that I could take direct outs from as well as taking a mixbus send from the AH, into my X18, avoiding the extra digital conversion, . I wonder if anyone can recommend a small mixer for this task? I’m not keen on moving cables around, and my X18 would be fine except for number crunching and possible latency. But, perhaps I should invest in a patch bay… :thinking: