Where do you have your heat in your signal chain?


Just curious.


One on 2bus, one on aux :wink:


Anywhere…not really on master yet.
OT Cue Out > AH > OT INAB
OT Cue Out > AH > A4
Guitar > AH > Guitar Amp
Signal > AH In L > AH Out L > AH In R > AH Out R > Analog Drive…


I have it on the master, glueing everything together and as a master volume. It is not conductive to using it 100% but that’s ok.


On the master. I turn it on after I’ve tweaked my track as much as I can before, and then apply the Heat to it. Usually takes me a few days to get it right. I add some tweaks, go about and do something else, return to tweak some more, and then do something else, and so on.

I also use the track’s most intense part as reference for the Heat’s output, especially when it comes to the thresholds, since I like to set the thresholds to kick in when the track’s most alive, and fall back when it’s calmer. It adds another dimension to its movement, if the Heat shifts up as the rest of the track does.


So is it safe to run the outs straight to the monitors?



Maybe pay attention when dialing in high res and then sweeping the filter at high volumes.


Watch the resonance especially. Can get really nasty really quickly, if you don’t know (or know exactly) what you’re doing.