When you have GAS but nothing seems worth it


If Dave finds out that he’s been fraternising with an Analog Rytm the divorce lawyers will be getting their pound of flesh.


It was 3 Moog’s and 2 DSI’s, but I stupidly sold the model D and Voyager to fund a SubQ37 and ProphRev2; and had $,$$$’s in change.
As the SubQ37 and ProphRev2 instantly broke down, I spent that $,$$$ in change on 2 Nords and 2 Elektrons in search of perfection and extended versatility. Fail.
I originally had the setup I was perfectly happy with, and lost it (and money) through the poor judgment that is GAS. Fucking GAS.


Have you tried the Tempest? It’s an asshole :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was in a similar boat! I had the DT and 404 previously, sold and traded them, then ended up back with both with a decent loss. All because I was chasing a rig that I didn’t need.


I think you answered your opening question…!


I’m an obsessive compulsive addict. When I’m passionate about something I go full in & it’s all I do & think about. My gear got out of control. I’m not buying anything else unless I sell something. I’m being lazy about selling, so I haven’t bought a new piece of gear in like 6 months, I’m very proud of myself! My GAS has been getting better, but I think it’s because I already have so much.
I could never have just 1 set up, I would get bored. I like to bounce around (& I spend A LOT of time with my gear). I also love learning gear & just using new gear. It’s a rush… when the box arrives… when you open the package… turning it on & using it the first time.


Buy a Buchla Easel. That should cure your GAS


The Voyager is a work of art and you can play the most basic bass line to it and realize you should of been running errands two hours ago. But yea GAS kills. It’s 2019 and I’m catching up with my 2016 impulse purchases. Shhhhh

I bought a collection of 30+ break records that have not seen the light of day. Jeez I have a problem


I’ve been able to get away from guitar GAS for a while, but found myself wanting a Jazzmaster again, and now I’m lusting over this.

Made from reclaimed 130-year old pine boards from an old furniture store (Buckstaff Furniture Company facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin). I love the black anodized aluminum pick guard and the simplified circuit as well. :confused:

Edit: Apparently, the building was an old coffin and furniture factory from the 1800s.



is that a fact ?


F^ Me!
I’m gonna dig up Grandpa and have me a new Jazzmaster!


That is gorgeous!


Is that a question?


The GAS is strong. The shop is on the other side of Japan, so I emailed them to see if they can send it over to their shop by me to try out. We’ll see what they say.


I almost fell in to a GAS trap recently (was really jonesing for a new poly synth and a bunch of effects pedals). Eventually I realized I’d barely scratched the surface of DIVA, or any of my plugin effects for that matter. It’s not as fun to edit software, sure, but my compromise was to buy a nice MIDI controller and go deep in to what I have. Now i’m making sounds I didn’t think were possible and that extra $1,200 is going towards a much needed vacation. Life is good :palm_tree:



so maybe you don’t really have GAS then!


I haven’t purchased any plugins since getting Komplete 10 4-5 years ago. I went on a spree of buying a TON of VSTs my first year and even though they are fantastic I realized I’d rather spend money on tangible items. VSTs just don’t scratch the itch anymore! I am a huge fan of the Reaktor User community and M4L communities so I do utilize those pretty often, even if it’s just for noodling purposes. I also got tired of buying different midi controllers cause at the end of the day they all kinda do similar things. I still have my Push 1, Maschine MK3 (although NI has done nothing but piss me off lately), and a lovely LaunchPad Pro which I don’t really utilize anymore.


I don’t think so … I tried the Arturia emulation of the Easel and now I know that I want to have a 2XXe modular … THAT is expensive GAS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


not really. i was wondering if this has to be true for everyone.
traveling sometimes seems like a status symbol to me nowadays.
But I‘m sure you are right.
But I was drunk when I was asking this question yesterday :sweat_smile: