When you have GAS but nothing seems worth it


Save yer dough. Jam on what you have. Learn it, love it.
Turn that gas frustration into music.


I’d say it’s true, “traveling can change your life in a way that a new piece of kit certainly cannot”.
But also the inverse is true, “a new piece of kit can change your life in a way that traveling certainly cannot”.
If traveling or a new piece of kit change your life it wouldn’t be in the same way… also a key word in both of those is “can”, whereas if it were “will” then they both wouldn’t be necessarily true…

Wait a minute why am I analyzing philosophical statements and their grammar? That wasn’t an Octatrack question. :grin:


I have the full Arturia Version of the easel. But i lust for the real thing. Id imagine have the ‘Electric Music Box’ is the ultimate all in one in a case. I think having that would mean looking only at that beautiful work of art for a long time :alarm_clock:


Use a part of that money for some charity


make sure the room acoustics is up to scratch, better monitors, converters, desk and racks etc


Or spend some time helping out the charity for opening a different thought process


I’m more “When you have gas but can’t afford” situation.


I think this might not be very nice from me considering the spirit of this thread :smiling_imp:

BUT … if you like modular synths and the west-cost sound, I would recommend to study the manuals and videos of the Buchla 200e system. It’s so much more than I am used from Eurorack. Buchla was a genious. All this functionality and creative ideas inside the modules. After having spend some time studying the options … I fell under its spell … :star_struck:


Yes its a rabbit hole of buried money. But not as pretty? I know looks shouldnt come into it but GAS fuels all emotions and having both sound and looks is eternal and here the Easel wins.

Edit the 200e is out of my range. $30k is too much GAS for most.



Same here … but why not dream … :pleading_face:


Best of luck to you!


I actually donate pretty often! Especially when tax season comes, I always give a portion of my return to my favorite charities. I also donate clothes regularly, and part of one of my day jobs is helping out local charity organizations. Soon we’ll be doing Paws For a Cause :grin:


This is something I ALWAYS miss. My room definitely needs some foam treatment, but at the same time I share it with my significant other and idk how she feels about how that’ll make the room look lol.