When you have GAS but nothing seems worth it


Anyone else been in this spot? Admittedly, I’m a little unhappy in my current life situation which is usually when I get the most GAS, but right now I feel like nothing is really worth it at this point.

I don’t have a TON of gear here, and recently sold off some things I didn’t use, but everything I can buy seems like it just isn’t “enough” if that makes sense.


Get into eurorack and then you’ll never have enough modules.


Lol that is one territory I’ve not wanted to get into. That is one addiction I don’t wanna start till I get my own house.


Maybe it’s time to cooly re-examine the gear that you still have left? Use this as an opportunity to pare down to fewer things, until the only gear that have you left is the stuff that is truly ‘worth’ it to you. Then reinvest your energy into exploring those items in depth.

In other words, find ways to GAS hard for what you already have.


Yup I’m feeling the same. Everyone is selling their instruments for real cheap in Seattle right now. It’s very enticing
But every time I go back to “you can do this with the gear you have”
And then I start going the opposite direction.
“I don’t even need all this/I can’t even afford what I have!”
I should just sell off my monitors and AK and make music with digitakt and a pair of headphones.
I feel a need to rid myself of these thoughts and replace them with kbd practice.
First step is admitting it!


Very well put! thank you :+1:


Same here! Gear is abound for great prices, and I have the room financial for a new piece, but I guess I’m just not ready to move to something new yet. Lately I’ve been fiending hard for an OT, but I also have a DT and SP404 which I use pretty regularly so it seems redundant unless I get rid of both for the OT. Not that I wouldn’t like to keep them all, but I prefer to keep a smaller footprint for my limited desk space.


I know what you mean. I’m relieved when new stuff comes out and I’m not interested- that’s money not spent. However I did go Eurorack and into greener sonic pastures (haha) but it is very difficult to stop. Right now I’m pretty content with my setup though.


I can’t imagine needing a bigger deeper blacker pit of exploration than the DT ha ha


What can I say, I like a long learning experience lol. The most fun I ever had when I started making music was learning Ableton inside and out. That was a solid year of just constant learning and experimenting. I would love something hardware that kept me that interested for that long.

I love my DT, but sometimes it is a bit too simple for what I’d like to do and the workarounds are tedious. The same can be said with my 404, but I got that for the effects and battery operation anyhow.


Do the opposite - sell stuff. end up with nothing wait a couple of months and start again. you’ll realise what’s important. You may end up buying a crossbow…


Crossbow… That would be pretty bad ass!


Do it! very calming.


Ok. Now I want a crossbow. Imagine the arc of the arrow traveling through the air. :thinking: I really don’t need a crossbow. I’m getting a crossbow tomorrow. Arrives on Friday.


I started a band recenty with a guy playing baritone sax and I play an octatrack and a Lyra. Now I seem to have an even deeper desire to play just those two things every day. All my other synths are shelved, but still call to me from time to time. Ableton is little other than a tape recorder now.
I dont really have GAS. Too busy playing music for that.
I used to spend hours on ableton. Funny how we change!


Use the money you have put aside for hear on a decent holiday - travel can change your life in a way that a new piece of kit certainly cannot.


Already have one planned! I keep my travel finances separate from my musical finances. Excellent suggestion though!


Have to say it comes down to knowing what kind of music you want to make and what genre you to stay in or explore out of.

You can easy sum it up to:


I find it easier that way anyway


Also, just exercise some discipline and buy nothing. The GAS will go away. Also wallow in that existential pit until something deeper emerges. You can usually find it in your collection - the books you read, records you own, work you’ve made in the past. Tinker through all that and you’ll usually find a way forward.

Me personally, i’ve lately realised I may have been doing myself a disservice limiting myself to things like loops and sequencing. Of course handy for some things, but current thought process is to grab maybe a midi keyboard and a midi drum kit - bring some physicality and musicality back to what I’m making. Also feel quite attracted to symphonic sounds and piano, something I’ve generally avoided while on what I guess has been something of a synthesis journey.

Your own creativity is a great journey to enjoy, so take the wallowing stages with humility, they happen and they’re the way forward after a while, just focus on work or making cash or excercise or catching up with friends while you don’t know what to do next, and you may actually find a bit of signpost that way


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