When you have GAS but nothing seems worth it




I tend to rotate the stuff I have.

the Heat

Tempest goes into the OT, which sequences and applies LFO:s to the Tempest beat fx and uses Thru machines for real-time effects. The OT also sequences the Heat’s parameters, and the Heat is on the master.

I’m doing a short jazz set with this rig now.


Someone said coffee ? :unicorn: yes pleas, no sugar no milk


I like to think for some it’s being unsatisfied with their lives.


same. according to my 12 channels rule, i have twice more in terms of audio outputs total number, and when i feel bored with particular synth, i just swap it for another.


Yeah, I mean, one usually don’t need all that much stuff to get music done. But one can definitely need different kinds of stuff, depending.


As the buddhists say:

“Desire is the root of all suffering”

Im not saying to throw all your goals out of the window. Try to analyse why you’re not enjoying your musical process atm. If there is a lack of inspiration, try to shift your desire from big musical results to practical smaller results like learning a synth, cleaning your sample library/studio, sampling objects around the house. Basically simpler, lower threshold stuff with smaller easier goals. I find that this always keeps me content and prepared for when inspiration hits, even if it might take months!


If youre a musician and youre unsatisfied with your music, then yes some might be unsatisfied with their lives because music means so much to them.

maybe its then a good idea to take a break, take some days off, do something different and then reflect from a distance, what you want to accomplish.

ableton also published a book with techniques, when youre stuck in creativity


When nothing seems worth it you have reached your desired destination. Time for the next chapter in your life.


After getting the octatrack I feel I’m almost dome with GAS.
My music has always been heavily sample-based and now that I’m getting used to ot’s workflow I’ve bneen able to get almost any kind of sound I wanted.
Best investment in the studio so far


no good.


What I have:

Delay Pedal (The most vanilla of delays. It is useful but I much rather something else with more character)
Distrortion Pedal (It’s a Boss pedal and its nice but also don’t have much use to it)
2 Reverb pedals one Earthquake and one Walrus
Multiple FX Pedal(Don’t think I have used this much at all, maybe once or so.)
Volca bass
Minitaure (in a drawer as it is a hassle to use and hate the fact that it doesn’t go to higher octaves)
Digitakt (use it on and off, been finding it useful for videos and live performance)
Small mixer
SP-404 (used it maybe 4 times and once for live performance. Might keep it for posting instagram videos, otherwise not that useful to me.)

I had some more but gave stuff away. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of few pedals. I honestly rather sell the minilogue and miniature for a Digitone. Rather sell Volca bass for some other Volca, (modular, fm, or even sample). I would give/sell the Tr-8, but it can be handy for DJing so its on hold. I also sample it a lot so its justified.

What do you guys recommend? I live in Saudi so its hard to buy/sell synths. Easy to buy much harder to sell given the low demand and such.

Okay this thread is useful. Making realize that I should do some changes.


i have GAS of knowlege and not in gear :smiley:


Remember at school when they handed out musical instruments. You were happy with a tambourine. The folk who got a wood block or triangle got the hump. Gas starts early :laughing:


Watch a few episodes of Marie Kondo show on Netflix or some minimalism videos on YouTube. If it clicks with you then you’ll start “GAS’ing” to downsize not only your studio, but everything else in life. It’s fun to pile it all up in one room and just stare at it all before selling/donating.


quite often financially i have to trim the fat so to speak n sell a bunch of gear i dont really use much. as well as saving my bank balance from oblivion it has the added effect of calming my mind and making music creation a much simpler affair.
I seem to work best with no more than 2 devices at a time. maaaybe three :wink:


I have way more gear than actual studio space, I usually rotate gear while only using 2-3 bits of gear at a time, this keeps it feeling fresh mostly, although i usually dont make any music during the winter months so by spring everything feels new again.


Get some guitar pedals… not too expensive and great way to bring some love to the gear you already own. I recommend shallow water and the el capistan :yum:


Never buy your dream “x” (guitar, synth, car, etc) It’s good to have something to dream about. Sometimes the dream is better than the reality of owning “the one” :point_up:. I love making music. Be it an acoustic guitar or a pair of turntables. That part of me will never be complete. Until I play my last song. And that will sustain into infinity :infinity:.


Man you love the Dave Smith stuff, eh?