What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

Yes !


This is a very real thing. It’s like the compulsion to go on a proper bender before a period of sobriety… does it make the future abstaining easier or harder?


The Minilouge XD rules! I just picked one up a few months ago after demoing it in a store, I went in there to buy the Moog grandmother and while I was waiting I tested it out and ended up walking out with both. The rawness of the minilouge is series business the Korg filter is very Korgy (which is good) and FX are surprisingly nice. The motion recording makes up for only having a single LFO, I was astounded because I previously had written it off based off the specs but it’s just an all together nice instrument for sure


Absolutely. I was never a believer in the virus especially after some limited time with the C a while back I was just kind of unimpressed but after having the TI for only a couple weeks and really diving in I am super impressed. I didn’t expect to use it for analog emulation at all but it’s surprisingly good at that too. I’ve been spending time with it every day and sat down with the manual the other day to go over every single function. It just sounds so good I couldn’t see parting with it now that I finally have one

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I really need to do this! I read of quite a few people who got rid of their other synths after getting to know it properly. I could definitely imagine OT, Rytm, Virus, Heat for example as a complete setup (if only I could let go of the rest of the gear!)


I have zero desire to get rid of any gear lol
I’ve bought and sold more synths than I care to admit over the last 19 years and I seriously regret parting with most of it, especially the vintage stuff. I do have a fascination with the minimal set ups though. The idea of having just a few pieces of kit to focus on while writing is super appealing as a musician but as a sound designer I’d rather have access to as large of a palette of sounds as possible. Btw if you’ve spent any amount of time with your virus and have a general understanding of synths in general there’s only a few things in the Virus manual you’ll find useful, 80% of it is basically explaining the oscillator types and what filters and envelopes do I went though the manual in abour 45mins and picked up the few things I was missing like how to access envelopes 3 and 4 and how to use mult-mode. It’s not like the Octatrack where sitting down with the manual and experimenting is a months (years?) long process lol
But yea if I were to slim down my studio virus + OT and AR is a killer combo for sure!


Similar over the last 5 years, almost everything I sold I have bought back or still miss. I tried to cover as many bases as possible while not going crazy e.g.
Sampler - OT
Drums - Rytm
Analog Poly - Tetra
Digital Poly - Virus
Acid - Avalon
FM - Volca
Weirdness/experimentation - Modular
Then there are a few extras due to how unique they are - Nyx 1, Erebus 1, DSI Evolver

No way I can handle using all that lot at once, so it runs through a mixer and anything can be switched into the OT for sampling. Maybe a good way to work through Happy NoGear New Year! will be to try out various minimal setups. Kind of mimics getting new gear if it’s been sat gathering dust in a cupboard for a few months while you learn something else!

Been looking for a synth to enrich the sound palette of my setup. First I thought about getting a Lyra once again, then noticed that the prices have gone up these days. Even though there were other great options, I asked myself in my mind if I really wanted to dive into the menus. Actually I’m used to it and I even like it if the workflow is really intuitive. Then I saw a synth from Japan: JMT Synth LD-2. Sturdy build quality with metal case, has audio input for the filter, lfo and delay fx. Has four lfos and cv inputs. I can process the Pulsar, Double Knot and Sidrax with it, send cv from Ornament to it. Pretty cool.


Early morning delivery from Anderton’s just in time for Christmas.

Behringer RD-9

Intentions - A weekend of beat making


At last!! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks mate I’m very happy with this, look and feel is great.


Just ordered the Erica Syntrx. Thanks to the encouragement from the nauts.Ive also spoke to Nick from Buchla who has me down for the Buchla Music Easel. Not cheap at all but im very excited about this purchase(exp about April 2022. ).


My syntrx will arrive in the next minutes it seems :wink:


Oh wow. Im excited for ya dude. Do share your music with it😄

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In preparation for the incoming JX08…


I’ve been eyeing the LD-2 for some time. How does it compare to the Lyra and other noisemakers that you have?

Last purchase before NGY (No Gear Year).
Been wanting this for a while. I have a 2500 but it’s been sat in the cupboard all year. I’ve posted here there and everywhere about mobile setups this year. Well here it is!
Intentions: complete tracks.


I love Lyra and it’s a different beast for sure. I find it more versatile, predictable and controllable.

First recordings:
(+ OT as a looper)


Sounds fantastic.


Have it in my rack too! We call it “Cure-O-Mat” because it makes everything you play on your guitar to sound like The Cure.