What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

Got a cheap Ibanez UE-405 multi-effects and sofar I frickin love it! Basically 4 pedals that can be rearranged without too much of a hustle with a further eff. send/return. Also my first BBD-Delay and i have to say that i love its responsivity! All in all a really great unit! Anyone on here that owns one or the ue-400 aswell?


my last gear purchase of the year arrived this week, a new MOTU 4 audio interface that I needed to record modular synths to DAW quickly. So far loving it as it is super easy to use and now I can record direct to DAW from my large modular setup and Elektrons to create music. A quick track I made with Acid Rain Chainsaw and Queen of Pentacles:


Set of Chroma Caps for my OP-1. After destroying one of the factory knobs in an attempt to remove a replacement OP-1 crank that got stuck on it, I decided to just go ahead change the knobs since they were on sale for like $1 each or something. Intention: Enjoy the knobs

Roland MC-707 since it was on sale and I’d been wanting the more luxurious UI compared to the little sibling 101. Intention: Relearn how to create clips, arrange them, chain them, etc. Then use 707 as a polyphonic sequencing workstation, as M8 Tracker can do chord progression but only its quirky, decidedly non-traditional fashion.

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Can’t find a BIM but got a good deal on the Magneto. A snare in the input with Magneto in shift mode gave me an extra tom, click and “rim”

Intentions: INTENTIONS… INTENTIONs… INTENTIOns… INTENTIons… INTENTions… INTENtions… INTEntions… INTentions… IN tensions (←tape, crinkle,wow&flutter deterioration work on words too)


Luckily, my local store just got 6 new BIMs today, reserved one and will pick it up later this week.

Will report BACK, BACk, BAck, Back.


Lucky you!
Looking forward to hearing your BIM in current sound with the PERfourMER!


For sure. I can’t wait to dial those Disto and Lo-Fi type of Delays.



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Finally got it and I’m in love

I’ve heard so many people ranting and raving about the virus for the last 17 years and I’ve largely ignored it, in fact I’ve owned synths from almost every manufacturer this whole time with the exception of Access. Mostly because of the people that go on and on about how it’s the ultimate be all end all do anything replace all your gear synth, then I’d go check out the specs and be majorly underwhelmed then I’d check out some demos and feel like it was okay but not great (Except for the vengeance demos, use to always sound excellent) but recently I decided to give the Virus another closer look and found that I liked what I heard and even though the specs weren’t as flexible as people would lead you to think I decided to finally go for one. And I am so glad that I did! It’s far from a do everything/replace everything synth but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice for a desert island synth. Not to mention the quality of sound really is spectacular. I actually prefer it to some of the higher end synths that I’ve owned.
Very very happy to have it, I’m having a ton of fun exploring it.


@igtheflig I’ve been thinking on one of these too. currently I’ve got a MIDIsolutions merger into a Quadra through, which works, but this would be neater and of course gives more options.

@Matthewsavant Virus is one synth I will always have, along with DSI Evolver. Both are unique and cover a huge amount of sounds. I have desktop versions just now because of space restriction


Yeah, so far I love it, can recommend. The editor is a bit laborious (no copy paste? No group select?!) and, honestly, I’d prefer a textual domain specific programming language (but maybe, as it is open source, I can make one?) but already it has solved all my problems with routing, and suggested a few improvements I can make, and that is before using its “creative” elements in anyway.

Solid recommend.


The upcoming NoGearNewYear is making me do hasty decisions quick before the year changes.

My whole setup consist of basically samplers, romplers and different digital synths. I desperately needed something analogue before the new year starts. A local trade opportunity appeared with a nice guy I’ve haggled gear before. He brought me this to my book shop a moment ago. A bandmate had the OG Minilogue and I always thought that it sounded great for it’s size/price. I guess the XD is in many ways even better. The module version is just perfect for my tiny space.




I prefer the OG sound / filter. However I’d happily have both at some point.


I just now saw your reply here (this thread moves so fast). I used to own a Roli Seaboard (Block), but it wouldn’t turn off and the battery died, and Roli went dark, but I really liked it while it worked. I bought the Linnstrument in part because I wanted to get the full expressive potential from my Hydrasynth (I wish they would license Roger’s technology to replace the pads on their desktop with something closer to the Linnstrument). After buying the Linnstrument, I did buy Pigments and Equator 2 (both had steep discounts for Black Friday). I also just bought GeoShred and the SWAN Cello pack. Just last night I received my iPad “Camera” connector with separate power supply to use the Linnstrument in full power mode with my iPad. So, I feel like I know have everything I need to begin to really explore the Linnstrument.

I also know what you mean about Roger Linn. I started a thread over at KVR about him–he is so kind and responsive, I felt almost compelled to buy a Linnstrument just to support his attention to detail and personal touch (good Karma that guy).

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Also use the thru mode and record a drum loop at at higher pitch rate then pitch down in your DAW or sampler. You will a nice 12 bit aliased sound. Since my MPC60 is dead now this is my replacement for that sound. Also you get an analog low pass in thru mode as well. Enjoy

What’s the thru mode if I may ask?

You get to use the 12 bit AD/DA you can run your audio through. This is true 12 but not an emulation.It’s lit bro !

I think it is the fifth preset. No delay, but you can overdrive the input, you can also use a low pass filter if I am not mistaken.


So, basically, it’s using the pedal’s converter to run a beat through it and get that 12 bit resolution.


We’ll see who’s left when Elektron drops… :laughing: