What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

My buddy built a Norns Shield for me while I played tunes on his Twitch stream. He delivered it last night (needed time to polish it off). I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing something!

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I feel like I’m getting all the acquisitioning in before the new year. Recently found myself with a beautiful but enormous Emax. It was way too big so had to go. Fortunately a friend was after one and we swapped for something I’ve dreamed of for yeeeeears.
It needs work but fortunately EchoFix are in Australia. :smile:


I was close to buying but it makes no sense without a new computational device so … it’s for 2022.

Bought this here from Thomann for my Maschine Mk2.
Looks nice and feels more comfy to play now.


my new OCP from Plum Audio arrived with Hemisphere after long wait and really enjoying learning all the cool features in this amazing Eurorack module. I also got an APEX and O&C from After Later Audio. Definitely easier to use than Expert Sleeper’s Disting EX which drives me nuts.

A set of precision screwdrivers to install an SSD I had sitting around unused in the aforementioned MPC.

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These lovely end panels from ZeRack just arrived, the perfect solution to get this trio of Elektrons in place next to the Moog. The Analog Four on top is also a recent acquisition. My intention is to use the A4 to sequence the Moog, VCS3 and ARP 2600 (not pictured).


Those worked out perfectly!


Model Samples to go with my Model Cycles. Now I have the three sets, Samples/Cycles, Digitakt/Digitone, and ARii/A4ii. I would like to put something together than starts with the Models, evolves up to the Digis, than on to the Analogs.


Thanks to you for reminding about them. I was terrified I was going to have to some… woodworking. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Although I very specifically bought the Syntrx to use and not as an investment, I just purchased the Syntrx Bag more for investment value.

  1. There is a world-wide (ignoring China and NK) respiratory pandemic ongoing, so probably won’t be playing out any time soon.
  2. Even if there was no pandemic, SF is not the sort of place where you want to walk around with fancy bags containing $3k synthesizers. But I could possibly hide the Syntrx bag inside an Ikea blue bag.
  3. Chicago and Miami are both possible next destinations, but neither are any safer at street level, and may be much more dangerous.

This is an odd situation when the $150 purchase is less practical than the $3k purchase, but here we are. At least it will look cool sitting in my closet next to the Pelican 1550s and original boxes for most of my synths.


TBH, the streets of SF are clogged with tech swag, even unhoused people have them as castoffs, and “Syntrx” sounds like some generic startup. You might be in danger in certain parts of Williamsburg, here in Brooklyn.

I get that. My bigger worry is getting knifed when asked for my laptop, but all I can provide is a weird thing that’s definitely not an easily fencable Apple product.

Personally, I don’t think things are much worse than in 2003. The main difference is people think it’s reasonable to go for a walk with a Louis Vuitton handbag and act surprised when offered a choice between life and bag.

Regardless, I’ll be out of this fine state long before the pandemic is over.

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Agreed. There are people with money and influence trying to make it sound worse because they don’t like anyone getting in their way. We left because the centre had hollowed out, not because it felt at all unsafe. But I guess that is a topic for another thread.


Intensions ? Get dirty


Time to spend more time with my MD :heart_eyes:


The last piece of the puzzle, before NGNY. Plan is to route midi around between my gear.


Awesome little box. Don’t want to miss mine.


Thi thing is fantastic, it’s become central in my setup, indispensable!


This arrived yesterday. Using it as a dual amp/cab room simulator. Liking it a lot!