What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

If it takes CV in then it should be matter of code to add gates.

thanks man! i’m good. it’s the best digital synth i’ve ever used - incredible attention to detail with the user interface, i haven’t needed the user manual once, it’s really really intuitive. and it sounds amazing of course


I played with one once and it didn’t take long at all to start sculpting interesting sounds. I remember those mutants sounding pretty wild

it really seems like an “everything synth” cos obvs it does the wavetable stuff really well, but also the FM synthesis and analogue emulation seems really on-point. the most modular non-modular synth i’ve used. a real gem, and the desktop / explorer versions are absolute bargains for what they offer


Can you midi sequence other synths?

Yea, a few firmwares ago A4 and AR got midi sequencer out.

A4 can send midi notes, velocity, length, with trig conditions and microtiming out of each of the 6 sequencer tracks.

Fuck yes! Demo day!
Also time to say bye bye to all that gear I was gonna fix one day……


Another new guitar - A Fender Custom Shop 1966 Stratocaster from Wildwood Guitars.

I’m also teetering on the edge of ordering a Digitone. Now that it has song mode, I’m ready to grab one. I would have ordered it the same day song mode was announced, but there’s something inside my head telling me that a Digitone II might be coming soon…


Yes i remember now-

I have the ARmk2 and I don’t like the way it is implemented on the rytm

Hopefully on the A4 it is better

Well you get 4 notes polyphony per track, so that’s nice.

Nice better than rytm than

Ok so basically you have 4 polyphonic voices on each of the 4 tracks if you use it as a midi sequencer on external gear but 4 mono tracks when using it as a synthesizer?

6 tracks X 4 voice polyphony when using midi sequencer out. (Fx and cv tracks are 5 & 6, and can also send midi notes)


Super cool - A4mk2 might be my next purchae


It will even be probably your best buy.


Not music related but it helps with squeezing more gear into a small space…a monitor riser to put on my rough old desk so I can route cabling from the front row under the gear in the back row. Even comes with a handy tablet holder so I can RTFM while tinkering.
I’m starting to have enormous respect for some of the amazing set ups I see on here.


The final piece of my 3 massive DIY projects has finally arrived! I was just waiting on this case.

No time to work on it right now (like the RE-303 and ISE-NIN). Still had to at least look at the front panel. Nice metal, powder coating, and screen printing!

Build an 808 replica to go with my 909 and 303 replicas (and real 101…and Acidlab Drumatix (606) ).


Td3 Mo, to see if it socializes well with Td3, Db01 and Mother 32.


Holy shit, I’m so sorry you went through that. I’ve been cheated on before and I know how painful it is. Hopefully the hydra can help you work through some of your emotions.


Got this at a good price. Intentions: make the drum sounds that I’ve wanted for a decade. I’ve only played it for about an hour and a half, and I think this might be one of the last drum machines I need to buy.