H-Pi Flash Synth - World's smallest MIDI Synth


I think this is brilliant. And the demo so far sounds pretty good. You can see more here.

It’s an FM synth entirely controllable with MIDI CCs. Your choice of 16 voice poly mono, 8 voice poly stereo, or a 16 oscilator mono voice.

There’s a limited first production run, and a discount on the pre-order. Price is pretty reasonable at 130 €.

The video says they will also create a subtractive synth that can be downloaded to this too. (We’ll see.) Have a controller you want to be an FM synth – i’m thinking about my Novation SL MkIII, with its built in sequencer. Or what about the Elektron Analog Keys with the new firmware to add to it an FM synth, analog plus digital, and make it more like a Digitone Keys.


That would fit nicely as an expansion to Elektrons :slight_smile:

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What a crazy concept. You could get Digitwins with just the Digitakt and this, sort of. Or a SuperDigitone.

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I was mildly GASing on this when i posted it, but now you two has me thinking i have to order it before their all gone. (Well they’ll make more, so it’s just a matter of waiting to sometime in early 2020.)

You got to get there before the horders do! (Which is a horders chant.)

ADDED: You could put several of these off a MIDI channel splitter box out the back of a Digitakt.

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that’s inside. all analog + digital filter


I wonder how small this could be if it was done with a TRS MIDI, instead of the DIN MIDI.

Pretty neat that it runs off the MIDI power normally wasted.

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I have both the Ploytec πλ²s. They’re nice, but I always forget about them as they are so tiny!

Edit: Actually, now the A4 can sequence via MIDI, it’s time to revisit the DIN πλ².

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This on the back of my OT and a midi controller, super small flexible setup!

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Can TRS MIDI provide power?

Yes, it uses 3 pins same as din midi.


Sure it’s just a direct connection between the two standards so the physical plug has no effect.

ADDED: Thanks darenager – good we said the same thing in two different ways. :grinning:


Great minds think alike…


Does it have individual outputs??

edit: Oh no, I fear nobody gets the joke.

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It has one 3,5 mm stereo headphones audio output.

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But is it MPE capable? :wink:


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Discusssion on latest Sonic Talk # 594

First batch of 150 units is sold. To anyone here?

I’ve got one on order I’ll be testing with my OT. I’m a sucker for open source stm32 projects.


I’m a diy sucker too (more on arduinos etc) if i’ve got spare time :slight_smile:

Will you report you’re findings here? I’m curious if the OT with this tiny thingie could be an all in one solution.

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I just watched the video where the designer explains in great detail how it was done, pretty interesting, same microcontroller as Pocket Operators if I’m not mistaken.

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