What's next for Elektron?

I think it’ll be Cenk based house items - curtains, duvets, warhol canvases, toothbrush holder… All with that loveable little face/grin beaming out :slight_smile:


Elektron toilet paper - as you pull the roll, music is played. Adjust tempo by changing pull speed. Song mode included via linking multiple sheets together.

Ive always wanted Elektron to do a proper granular synth. Perhaps DT can deliver something similar with its freely moveable fixed sample length thing.

I do think a digital synth has to be on the agenda. Surely a DT format 8 voice MnM device could stick to the “simpler” ethos of the DT. Allow the voice’s to be fluid like the A4/K for polyphony and you would have a wonderful device.


I think we’ll see some more foot pedals from them next, just out of the blue and available to buy like last time. What’s to say they don’t keep expanding their market in other unexpected ways, like with a digitally modelled tube amp or something weird like that? Digitakt will be a hit, I think, and I’m guessing they’d probably like all of their products to be hits. But the new UI and form factor and design of the DT, its a shame the AH just missed out on it. Honestly all the complaints they receive about what box does or doesn’t have, it would be cool to see the whole current lineup get a DT-style revamp, fixing little quirks here and there - the OT could get the DT screen and trig improvements, and sampling workflows, the A4 could get its individual outs and the AR a better input, sampling capability and maybe ext Midi sequencing on both. And hell just refresh the AH to the new style too. I don’t think it would diminish the current models and they’d still be coveted and well priced on the second hand market. But it would bring everything they have into the present day without necessarily having to reinvent the wheel.

Something Elektron haven’t done before is a kindve dedicated bass box, well maybe the sidstation was that box. I could definately see them putting out a bass machine in the new format. But if they did do something MnM esque I’d certainly be intrigued to see how it moulded to the new format. While delay and verb sends are cool its been a staple on their past 3 instruments, its a shame to not see a different type of effect send here or there just to spice up the character between the machines.

Still, I think the DT will prove surprisingly useful in music making, I like its simple concept. Its warmed to me over the last few months from being a ‘don’t care’ to considering a pre-order :slight_smile:

Would be cool as an analog effect within the forthcoming boxes for sure. Strymon quality tape sim with crinkle/wow/flutter if it must be digital. But, yeah that would be righteous, :wink:

I’m holding out for the Cuckoo curtains, myself.


DT is more like the UW part of Machinedrum than OT.
ctrl all etc.

I could see them bringing out a MM & synthesis part of MD combo in DT style next. Digisynth.
I don’t think I’d buy it tho.


Elektron users and your abbreviations… It’s like your own code. I understand the obvious OT, A4, DT… But you guys loose me with UW, MM, MD… :sunglasses:

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Mduw is machinedrum with sampling. Mm or mnm is monomachine.

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If they release a monomachine and machinedrum in Digitakt format, I rather see them doing it in separate products. I would love them to do that! The workflow on Digitakt looks much improved and simplified. A MM and MD in DT format with Overbridge + the new effects… OMG. Instant buy.
MonoTakt & DrumTakt. (However they should have named DigiTakt SamplTakt. Im sure there will be other digital machines in this format)

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Digi = digital
Takt = beat in swedish

So the digital beat maker is digitakt.

A new MM would probably be something like Digiwav, MD maybe digidrum

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My prediction is that the next one will be a MM-like synth called Digitone.
“Takt og tone”


yep I’d say MM is Next. tenner bets :slight_smile:

I hope they would get back to flagship devices rather than produce more “lite” versions of their existing products.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Digitakt is great for what it is and I am probably going to buy it, but it is no Octatrack 2. I’d much rather see a no-compromises €2000 Octatrack mk2 than DT.


Elektron need to be careful, you can’t risk filling your guests up with starters and expect the mains to go down as well, everyone being full up and no room left.

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They are not going to be philosophical about what product to bring out next, they are a business at the end of the day. There is a good chance they will release products that have the greatest market and will be the most profitable and see their company continue to grow.

I’d love to be wrong on that and see an OT2 but we haven’t seen a “2” product for a while now, they seem to enjoy making new products that meet current demands/markets. I know all of us who have grown up on the original OT would dearly love to see an updated version but in reality we are only a subset of their full audience.

I’d like to bet they bring out something semi modular with an Elektron sequencer bolted on, ala love child of an O-coast and A4. That would be pretty sick coupled with a DT.

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Can’t wait the AnalTakt !


Are you being Taktful?


See, now you’re just showing off.

Maybe Taktless… as are we all for now.