What's next for Elektron?

Eventually, tho, we’ll all be Taktfast. As long as we all stick to the same Takt.

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I took it too far, didn’t I?

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I ended up in Otakt.


You are Takting this too far.


If we don’t get back on topic, the mods may split the thread. I’d prefer if it could remain intakt


That’s thinking Taktically.


I just hope that whatever is next is more inspiring hardware. Great to see them improving the buttons and knobs

OB is a great feature, but there’s nothing like the taktile experience of hardware.


I’m going to guess time-based effects like a reverb/delay box might be on the horizon.

I just hope they don’t make the mistake to produce similar products with a slightly higher price… for example like Arturia did with beatstep and then beatstep pro ( and other companies as well) no digitakt pro please… : ) except there is a good gap in specs and price=different story.
Other than that I am sure it will be a good year for them… and for us Ofcourse!

Do you think another Digitakt type machine is coming with drumsynthesis taken from MD?

Maybe, but it will be a long time coming.
Best to just buy an md. I can’t see elektron doing 16 tracks of md synthesis, so go for it and buy a second hand md.


If there is I hope it has sampling inputs/layers options onboard.

hmm but if they make a new one with these new oled screen and encoders it might be worth the wait. Maybe they will add some new feature’s too

I think we can expect an eight track synth instrument in the same form factor, announced within six months or so. Essentially, like the Electribes, a companion piece for those who want to dig deeper into that kind of sound design.

I’d say that Elektron is doing what the Electribes did late 90’s and early 2000’s, but for the next generation instead.

At the end of the year, I wouldn’t rule out that you can have a set with the Heat, the DigiTakt and the WaveTangent next to each other, taking up about as much real estate on your desk as one and a half Analog Four / Rytm / Octatrack, entirely Overbridge compatible, essentially a complete production environment. Perhaps throw in a mastering box as well, BandStation, with recording options, and you’ve got the Black Quartet to match the Dark Trinity.


Maybe worth the wait. I picked up a MD waiting for the Digitakt. The screen is plenty legible and it’s more menu “hoping” than diving; it’s pretty easy getting around. The MD is also fairly easy to get into if you follow along the manual. I’d love Elektron to head back into digital synths or hybrids. For me, I’d want something more akin to the MnM than the MD. Also, a non-UW MD can be had for a pretty good price.



Going to have to borrow that phrase, as “diving” is unfairly used for MM/MD/AR/A4/AK

Fair with OT, though :smirk:


Yeah I was looking around, only found a MD 1 non UW for the same price as the digitakt

That’s a shame. I’d probably go with the Digitakt than to wait for a (big) possible digital drumachine follow up from Elektron. The Digitakt comes preloaded with a good deal of digital drum sound according to the specs page. Add in the ability to layer those, modulate, resample then modulate again you can probably get to any drum or effect sound you’d need. And, honestly, with my needs I’m not sure how redundant or not the Digitakt or MD will be when they are side by side.


Oh yeah I already have my preorder paid in full for the digitakt :wink:
Just waiting for the thing to arrive.
Watched a bunch of MD videos last night and that thing looks very cool.
A second hand MD 1 non UW is getting close in $$ to the MPC Live so would be a tough call

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Came up with something that would be great for all new and old machines…


dual purpose transport and performance rig,

internal battery w/ psu for easy recharging,

battery also works as back up power for live shows.

Maybe a couple options for size,

Oh and folding legs


Could be a collaboration with Thon :open_mouth:

Maybe calls for a custom job but I feel like a lot of people would use and love it.