What's next for Elektron?

I respectfully disagree. At least I hope that’s not true. If that’s the case, they should take down their “Samplers” category on their website, if nothing new will be added, as the OT will eventually be in their legacy category. The OT is still competitive with much more current flagship samplers on the market.
I hope that the DT is setting the stage for a ridiculously cool new flagship sampler for Elektron.
Also, it may sound boring to some, but super clever workflow enhancements, better quality hardware, and updating processing power to musical tools (among other things) is an integral part of innovation to me. These things matter much more than one or two flashy new pieces of tech in an already strong machine. I’m not against breaking new ground at all; I’m definitely for it, but to me there is so much more to the idea of innovation.

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Resampling, re-resampling, re-re-resampling, etc… All at the same time…

Their first sets of instruments (MnM and MD) both went thru to mkII. Better boxes and hardware and the MD got sampling capabilities with UW. If they don’t take the opportunity to update the A4, AK and RYTM I will be really surprised. It is an “easy” task for the company since the RnD for parts is mostly done and there is no shortage on wish list features for all the units.

As for the Octatrack… It seems like the box “in-between” (doesn’t seem to belong to the families of old or new boxes) and I am not sure how the company would handle it. Rather than an easy MkII, it’s level of reverence seems to demand a whole new beast of equal depth. Like others have said, I don’t think the digitakt is a real competitor for the Octatrack but I am not, nor will be an Octatrack user and can’t fairly compare them.


Another good effects box would work too:

  • reverb
  • delay
  • compression

OB support for sure.

It would be great to have OT updated with some of the features of the DT… but if not maybe an OT with the new improvements? I second that the crossfader is a must - maybe then can double the amount of inputs to 4 stereo sets? Then it would also be used a mixer in a larger set up.


Exactly this! OT is awesome, just needs freshening up. I’d be happy with new OLED screen, new precise encoders and the workflow improvements DT. Nothing else needed.

TBH the way I use the OT, a DT could easily replace it if it had stereo samples and at least one more LFO per track. Maybe even just stereo samples with a few workarounds. The new hardware and workflow looks really good!

But, no stereo samples is a complete and utter fail. Why Elektron!?!?


… And + 8 separate physical outputs! Not reliant on OB…

… + new fx (tape sim, amp sim etc) + polyphonic tracks + ‘patch’ memory + arpeggio on sample tracks + battery power + possible to record scenes fader action to pattern + all the new UI/Hardware improvements from DT. I’d buy instant :slight_smile:

Same here. it would also greatly benefit from simplified sample recording & saving like digitakt.

4 additional tracks to re-sample the 4 inputs you just sampled in real-time?

To keep OT as the premium solution plus mono keeps the DT audio implementation/manipulation simpler I suppose…

Yeh i know that, it what just a rhetorical question :slight_smile: But am i the only one who feel this need at least one time ?

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Dark, darker than ever before
New form factor, larger than classic case
Overhub built-in
Overbridge up to 4 Elektron devices
2 stereo/4 mono line inputs
Analog and digital stereo out
Support for class compliant USB streaming added
16 tracks with multi function fader per track
Dynamics/filters/eq/fx per track (analog/digital hybrid)
Master track section with Analog heat circuit/features and master recorder
Mysterious port, hidden by a metallic lid, labelled “Future”


In fact, the UW option for MD came before the Mk 2 units were released. And the Mk 2 MD and MM were created primarily because particular components for them became unobtainable. So the two Mk 2 releases were out of necessity; otherwise, Elektron would have had no products to sell.

The time for an OT Mk 2 would have been 2014, when OT was out-of-stock for ages.

I think that Elektron likes making fun new stuff rather than incremental upgrades like the larger companies. I don’t think there will be Mk 2 versions of any other products except in emergency circumstances.

That’s not to say that there won’t be new high-end instruments in years to come when the OT, AF/AK, AR have run their course.


Thanks for the info, I’m pretty new to Elektron so naturally glossed over the timeline. I feel it’s easy to dish up “new” for awhile but Elektron have been at this awhile now. I’ll be curious to see what they do put out or tease in the coming months/year.

I haven’t read most of the thread but I did see a looper mentioned. To me this is a no-brainer next step for Elektron.

The looper should be attractive to both guitarists and mono synth players. Thus, I am envisioning a mono product to keep the price down, though of course if it was capable of handling stereo material that would be a bonus for many.

I’d like to see the loop able to be treated with “effects” while the dry signal running through the box (picture Analog Drive sized, floor-friendly for guitarists) can either bypass the effects or also run though them.

The “effects” – 2 of the best overdrive circuits from the Analog Heat; an envelope follower; an analog filter; some digital effects (bit reduction; reverse, perhaps reverb). Two inputs for expression pedals that can be assigned to control any of the above. Most people might just use one but it’s worth adding a second pedal for those who want to really use the looper as an instrument.

Perhaps farfetched, but I’d like to see a sequencer of sorts that could pick up the tempo from the live playing, then divide it into 16 beats, then assign parameter locks to each step; similarly, the ability to record expression pedal activity for 16 beats then repeat it after the player ceases use of the expression pedal.

The craziest version would have sixteen guitar pedal style footswitches, each of which could be held down while the other foot used the expression pedal to set parameter locks (live) for that slice of the loop. Tapping a single time on one of the 16 pedals would mute that slice. (Maybe instead of dividing the beats into 16 even time steps it indeed could slice the recorded audio using the technology of the envelope follower?) No, I’m not smoking weed, just letting the mind run wild: a looper as a live instrument, as never implemented before.

The Lo Fi Loop Junky is brilliant, if you have never tried one. Definitely very limited but then again the Mona Lisa never stops smiling…

I believe this is the product about which Zvex stated that the recorded loop was stored in the analog circuitry in such a way that if there was a nuclear war and civilization was destroyed, some future archaeologist could unearth the device and listen to your groove.

They didn’t put it quite like that, but it was the general idea…

I also tried the Instant Lo Fi Junky, which applies the same tonal effects as the Loop Junky, but only to a live signal. Somehow this was far less compelling to me.


What about an analog dynamic-processor shaped like the AH?


Would love to see a bang on tape/wonky/lofi effect on all Elektron boxes. BOC kind of thing with a bunch of parameters that went from ‘nice tape sim’ to totally messed up like Chase bliss Warped Vinyl pedal. You can dial in kind of ‘vaguely’ similar with LFO/distortion/filter etc but it’s a vibe killer and uses up those parameters. Should be a staple effect next to delay/reverb etc… Not a separate box BTW :wink: Internal on all future machines…

that’d be amazing (I’ve got warped vinyl, tonal recall & zvex lo fi junkie, my fave pedals ever:) ) but it’d ruin the magic it being so readily available, everyone would be usin it :wink:

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I would wager $50 the next product from Elektron is a specially designed bag for the DK. with modular cyborg accessories or something cool. maybe a built-in rechargeable speaker.