What's next for Elektron?

lego piezo and interactive infrared zones auto quantized to sixteenths

animatronic style robots… primo set of 20 working interactive sound making robots

like a futuristic version of the Koma field kit.

As far as I am aware DT is a sampler.
Wavetable (synthesis) not waveforms (sample).

Isn’t using single cycle waveforms the same thing as a wavetable? My Evolver has “wavetable synthesis” and loading custom waves = loading a single cycle waveform as far as my experience has been.

Sorry for my ignorance if there’s a bigger difference that I’m unaware of :wink:


You got me there I think. At least to some degree :slight_smile: I was not aware of this…

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I’m no expert, but I believe that wavetables scan through the sample very rapidly, at a speed and granularity that can be modulated. Perhaps similar to having a tiny chunk of synth (longer than a single cycle) recorded, having a loop within that, and an LFO (or keytracking or mod or whatever) changing the loop points. While the clever technology ensures that it remains correctly pitched overall, so the effect is more change of timbre than note.

So using single cycles isn’t exactly the same, but could be similar if you got a snazzy setup going with LFOs modulating the loop start points. I imagine you’d have chaotic tuning then, which is where the specific cleverness of wavetable synths comes in.

Someone may want to correct me, this is just what I’ve gathered from using the Blofeld.

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A wavetable is scanned at the frequency of the fundamental pitch. That is what makes sure the pitch is correct. No clever technology needed. Wavetable synthesis and granular synthesis have nothing to do with each other. Wavetables change timbres by sweeping across the X axis while the Y axis is scanned at the fundamental frequency. That’s why they are often displayed in a 3 dimensional way.


Well, I am now less ignorant indeed!

Bring in a proper Wave8 (why limit digital voice to 4?!) with proper polyphony, stereo fx and a tad of elektron madness on top of it :heat:


A mini trinity would nice. Digitakt, digital synth, and digital drums. To maintain a distinction from the old trinity, FM, PD, modal and other unique synthesis methods could be emphasised. It’s ok to dream a little right? :wink:

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I would be VERY surprised if the next box wasn’t a digital 4-voice synth in the AH/DT form factor…

Of course, Elektron can be pretty surprising.


Yes, it just makes totally sense. Mini Machinedrum and Monomachine in Digitakt form factor. These machines are digital only, so they already have the hardware platform for it.

Next - bug fixing digitakt ( no QA dept mentioned in the manual)
Updating rytm firmware for overbridge
Finishing overbridge
Bug fixing overbridge.

Maybe new hardware. I’m in no hurry to buy new hardware

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Who predicted the Analog Heat, a year before it was released?

Once Heat was out, who predicted a Digitakt-esque product would be next?

I am surprised each time. Anything could be next. Sky is the limit.


The evolver has digital oscillators with weird waveforms but no way to scan through them. It’s not quite a wavetable…

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Weren’t you one of the first to predict something like the Heat coming out?

That makes you a profit of sorts!

Tell us oh wise one! What is on the horizon?

Just to add up to this whole discussion: there is a pretty interesting thread on gearslutz right now on defining all the variants to “wavetable synthesis” which is quite a wide term for varous approaches: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-electronic-music-production/1157742-summarizing-different-wavetable-synth-methods.html

Obviously, single cycle waveforms on AR/OT/DT are unidimensional in their scanning possibilities and are more akin to granular synthesis.

  1. New mono machine with OB
  2. Octatrack 2 with OB
  3. A version of the analog heat that could function as a more comprehensive effects processor. Think UA apollo replacement without all the overpriced plug ins.
  4. A stand alone Elektron hub performance mixer with effects

Octatrack 2 with OB