What tutorials do you want?


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am looking to make some new YouTube tutorial videos and I was wondering if there are any topics or styles of video you like or are looking for.

I am open to all ideas!

Thanks, Spinposium


How to make a baby? :content:


I personally love stuff in small chunks, taking on bite sized bits of info. Most folks just try to show off their skills and jump around too much. Clear and concise helps me learn stuff, personally :slight_smile:


Synthesis tutorials :slight_smile:
How to replicate a given sound using a substractive or FM synth.


Do you have some example sounds you want me to replicate?


Plucked guitar or violin, conga, claves & woodblock, vibraphone, doublebass!
More generally how to analyse the content of a given sound (frequency, ADSR etc) and replicate it with a synth.

Convincing analog hi hats, snares and claps! most of the time I find them boring on analog drum machines and prefer to use samples.


Yeah, I would love a synthesis tutorial on the A4.

Particularly interested in drum synthesis!



Specific tutorial on the metallic setting for am sounds.
Like the option is switched off for 5 seconds in the beginning, and then it is on for the remainder of the tutorial.
3-4 different sounds explored
And maybe your opinion why you thought they included this feature :bowing_man:t2:‍♂


I use my a4 mainly as a drum machine, so i also would like to see more drum-tutorials. (:


@taro’s drums!
A4 FM Drum Patch Pack


Thank you :grin: @sezare56
It’s not FM Drum Patch, but I created a tutorial for the A4 Voice Patch Pack.

A4 Voice Patch .pdf (262.2 KB)


Any good patches for use in techno music :wink:


Using external audio with the internal sequencer would be interesting.

Running audio through the fx is simple enough, but I want to see some interesting ways of using the sequencer on the fx track.


Please don’t give your life story, how you got into synths, or what you do live. I don’t care about you, I care about the content and getting an understanding of what I am looking for. Nine times out of ten I’ve already spent a few hours on the hardware, and then an hour googling to try and find the solution. The last thing I then want is to sit and listen to you tell me about how you got into electronic music because you once saw a goat chewing on a motherboard whilst back packing around Haiti.
(the ‘you’ in the above isn’t you, it’s the general you)


hey could you make some sounds that dispell the belief among some that the A4 can’t do lush pads or deep bass?


This one did that for me. Good stuff and you can see most of the parameters on the overbridge display.


I am still trying to figure out how to best record the screen on the Analog Four… it looks from some of the videos online (Such as Cuckoo’s most recent) that he was able to actually record the LCD screen itself directly instead of with a camera? Anyone know if this is possible?


I always thought he just used one camera above the unit and a second camera for the screen. IIRC sometimes you can see his hand in the screen view. Not 100% sure, though^^

Anyways, I think having one cam focused on the screen and one cam on a tripod above the unit is a good method.
I can see what’s going on on the synth, which buttons are pushed, which knobs are tweaked and at the same time I can see the parameters on the screen.

Using Overbridge with screen capture software also works, but I’d prefer to see the actual synth.

Just from a viewers perspective.


A microscope should suffice… :slight_smile:
And seriously, use the video software to zoom the screen, pixelizing pixels won’t hurt. :content:


I could use some workflow enhancements to where designing the Perf macros feels like a natural part of my composition/(let’s be honest) jam process


I need help in that department too :slight_smile: