What tutorials do you want?


Lush pads for me. Would prefer to see you actually make them on the unit itself rather than see overbridge.

Also some exploration of the FM capabilities.


I am also in this camp. I just havent really figured out how to fit it in, but i know it can be very powerful


Oh! Very much! I’ve poked around with it every now and then(after forcing myself to) and it really changes the track.

Just as a concept it’s brilliant and I should utilize it more


I’d like a Tutorial for the OT that follows the Merlin Guide(or official guide). I think that would be a very useful companion.


That’s a great idea. I will work on that one.


Looking through various threads I think a lot would benefit from basic understanding of overbridge
Multi audio streaming
Setting up analog 4 to stream audio and fx separately
Usb overbridge mode , normal mode
Using it as soundcard
Using standalone / daw
Making it louder by changing gain on recorder , why it’s quiet ,
Maybe short Vids on each update / obvious issues.
Various places you can change buffer sizes.


I started on the Merlin’s Guide tutorial. I am going through it step by step, so I believe the final video might be 30-60 minutes. I am through about 4 out of the 9 sections so far.

This will be my first tutorial video.


About Analog Four? Maybe wrong topic…