What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


That’s what I came here to suggest. I have been looking into buying an effects processor like the Eventide H9 or their “Factor” effects but I’m just not sure it will do everything I need.

An Elektron Effects processor like the one you suggest here would be incredibly useful for performing and jamming.
It should definitely also have pitch and reverse delays and maybe some granular FX. And of course compressor and distortion/degrade too. The fader from OT would be very fitting.

Otherwise a “Digiwave” wavetable synth would have my greatest interest.


Cool idea. It’s a shame that the fader concept never migrated over to the other machines, because assigning macros by holding the scene buttons is so much quicker and easier than browsing a big list.


Machinedrum MK3 with Sonic Charge Microtonic Drumsynthengine in Digitakt Format!


I hope they bring back recorder trig resampling in their future gear.
I wish all of their gear had it tbh.

UW style resampling on their synths would be sick.


What if Elektron put out a sampler or synth that had a dedicated send return pair that could be used for aux routing or insert routing, allowing the user to bring their own effects chain into the fold?

That little bit of mixer-like functionality would be massive, IMHO.


Octa, a4, and Ar can all do this With single voices


And with the OT, to do so, requires you to give up a channel and/or use up the Cue I/O. This fails to meet the requirements of a dedicated aux send return pair that can also be configured as an insert.


say what?


Is this truth? If so, I may wait to get a DO.


quite clearly joking, with the screen downgrade for the mkii update, and all the winking emojis.


Are apple going to release a new iPhone?


Again, maybe I should learn to pay attention better. Haha


I want an Hexatrack with included synth engines and all features of octatrack. Some more analog outputs would be cool, and maybe a third stereo input.

A configurable layout i.e. macro sets like on analog 4 combined with Xfader scenes.

The hexatrack should have two screens, one for parameters, one for monitoring and visual feedback.

Maybe make sub slot interface cards for additional analog /digital voices or effect processors.
No Internet connection for the device.


Recently i was messing around with the AH’s envelope-follower and used it to tame lower frequencies with the filter, based on certain parameters

Maybe they could release some sort of good sounding dynamic EQ in a box with four fully parametric curves and a high-and lowpass/shelf filter … configurable with a nice intense modulation-matrix


8 ins, 8 outs, you got your mixer.


One of these with the new footprint and layout



Yes, love the Black!


Yes. A mastering box in the same form factor as the Heat would be amazing. A super refined master compressor, EQ, filters, spatializer and maybe even some useful/creative effects (like tape bassed stuff, LoFi stuff, etc…) would be awesome. Of course, it would have to be all syncable to Elektron pattern changes and MIDI CC commands. Throw in some metering as well.


Hands down a wavetable synth where you can load in custom wavetables, in Digitakt/Digitone form. With enough effects and tools for some serious sound design, plus the good 'ol Elektron sequencing workflow, and that would be a KILLER synth to have.