What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


Would ultimately like them to refresh their Machinedrum.
With a price point the same along the lines of DT & DN.
The Rtym mk2 price is a bit up there, for me at least so a 700 usd Machinedrum would be a nice alternative.
But not sure how many of the features would over lap with the DT.
Or is the DT very similar to the Machinedrum, as I never used one.
Anyone know if the Rtym has a bit-rate reduction like the Machinedrum?


The Analog Heat is killing it. So I would like to see a multi effect unit like the Eventide H9 Max. But then in a Elektron Style with a sequencer and P-Locks and trig conditions.


DT and MD are two different animals. One is a sampler you can use as a drum machine, the other is a drum machine you can use as a sampler if you have the UW version.

Even though you can affect the tuning and ADSR of the filter/amp on your drum samples on the DT, it’s nothing compared to actual drum synthesis in play on the MD. There’s something about playing with the actual created, ITB drum sound that yields many more possibilities than just messing with a sample.

Machinedrums are pretty cheap these days. A MkII UW will cost you a fair bit, but I got a MkI non-UW for $500 (in the US). While a brand spanking new MD that’s revamped to modern Elektron standards sounds super rad and I would totally get one, shelling out for a MD now is worth it :wink:


You would thing a modern digital drum machine would have to be on the cards.
I would like to see a wavetable synth with a physical modelling engine thrown in also.
Nothing analog thanks, except maybe filters


with how good the filters and overdrive sound in the DT and DN, just keep it digital!


The only advantage of analog filters imo is for audio rate modulation.
Analog filter FM from an oscillator is the one thing I haven’t heard done as well digitally


Digital FM synths don’t use filters. That I can think of.



filter FM via CV on the System-1m is pretty great, I really can’t tell its not analog the way it behaves… maybe if you pushed the filter all the way closed and had resonance at max and played a note 6 octaves up you could tell though I never done that so I couldn’t tell you if it sounds like an analog at that point or not. Reminds me I really should get that System 100 plug out one of these days. That said its a lot easier to not mess up using an analog filter it seems.


Monophonic bass (analog-digital hybrid) monster in Digitone format. That’s what I would go for.




Extension synth module for the OT, very compact, 10 knobs or more.


Bike mount double stand. Future best seller, as Elektron users are getting old…they need exercise.


Micromonsta is really good for that. Very light, exactly half OT’s width.
Take 2 above OT ! 12 assignable knobs.


Yes. It does sound very nice, until you just that ^
The digital aliasing that occurs has its own quality but gives away its digital roots.


This made my day


A MK 2 style Digitone ( individual outs etc.) A digitakt style analogue 4

only new to elektron just love it.



A Digitone MKII is already planned.
With LCD screen! :thup:
(opposite to AH MKII :wink:)

MKII is not a style. It’s a habit. :content:


The Rytm has a Bit Reduction feature for the sample part, yes. (not for the analog drums, because this would mean to leave the analog signal path)


A Digisomething that’s Wavetable and VA :pray:


I think wavetable synthesis is too hot right now for Elektron to pass up. Serum is probably the most popular synth vst amongst producers unless I’m mistaken. I can see them doing a “digiwave” or something, though my heart wants a wavetable dedicated box with the depth of a MnM… Which already has great wavetable features as far as I’m concerned.

Basically if Elektron could make Serum in a box I’d buy it lol.



A ten track octatrack with cv out and recordable cv in with jacks for expansion headers for more I/0.

Also with overbridge with routing for cv to reaktor, vcv rack, softie modular, max map etc…