What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


A modern day analog vocoder like Sennheiser/EMS/Roland. This is not only interesting for robot voices but also for analog processing like Elektron did with the Analog Heat.


How about with short sampling capabilities and the sequencer too? Could be very cool.


an all singing, dancing amalgamation of the silver boxes please :sunny:


I’d love a modern machinedrum in the small box format. 16 channels of digital drum synthesis with conditional trigs etc…


I think what I loved best about the Machinedrum and Monomachine are the very things Elektron are trying to get away from.

The MD and MnM got weird (in a good way) over the years. More and more features kept being added until there was no more room to fit anything else. In the end it made the products less ‘focused’ but also gave them a fragile sort of charm.

I would like to see Digitakt/Digitone sized re-imagining of these instruments with the understanding that Elektron are trying to create singular, focused instruments.

A percussion synthesizer would be welcome. As well as a companion synthesizer/fx unit with arps and such (guess it can’t have fm) to complement it


I would like to see a Multi FX unit for Modulation FX such as chorus, phaser, flangers etc similar to the Heat box.


If you have MD, Until then :slight_smile: MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


I would love to vocode my digitakt with my AK. Or vice versa.


Quite like the idea of a new drive pedal myself


My vote would be for some strange novel take on a wavetable synth too.


…u can pretty much culminate all these wishes into a new monomachine mk2 in a digi t formfactor…
so there it goes…digital drumsynthesis meets fm meets wavetable meets a new range of multi fx including vocoding and distorting and overcompression with a few other neverheard before digital synthmodels like the speech aural thing from back in the days meets a little sampling twitch meets arcade fake sound chip bursting stuff, with a +drive that has a way bigger headroom, and all that in a nice multitimbral manner…next stop namm 2019…


An OctaGuitar… :heart_eyes:


So with the analog heat mkii’s release, you think Elektron may come up with other processing machines for different fx?

I would like to see like a delay or reverb processor or something like a multi effect kinda like an enventide h3000.


Analog Ice will be the delay/reverb unit…


With Double Freezers.


yeah me too i love to see some fx from Elektron. Will be perfect if you have Elektron sequencer!


+1 For an analog time-based effects box.


Should be Digital Ice, no? :slight_smile:


Bastl Thyme is pretty close to a sequenced delay but yeah a DSP box of some sort could be cool. a Heat sized delay type processing box that can get all kinds of Delay Tape echo, flange/chorus, Comb Filter, karplus etc. Or like a lot of people have asked for a performance mixer similar to the way a lot of folks use the OT or the Aira MX-1. Make it function as a hub for OB as well? that’d be fantastic. Like a better verision of the DB4 mixer built to work with the Elektron ecosystem.


I would love to see an analog Elektron mixer for multi-elektron setups.

Give it plenty of stereo channels, but also some mono channels for voice outputs from Rytm/AK/A4. Perhaps 4 or 5 stereo channels plus 2 to 4 mono channels.
Simple 3 band EQ per channel (on pots, not encoders) but with frequencies individually selectable via on screen menu. Same volume faders as OT MK2 x-fader.

For the master section, give it a master analog compressor (preferably from Rytm) with DT style input side chain, but don’t leave out the Rytm style side chain filter options either.
Give it the Analog Heat Saturation and Enhancement character options, selectable pre/post comp.

No sequencer. Keep it the size of OT MK2, as portable as possible for live acts.

Overbridge, sure, but for a/d to computer recording only. No need to shoot for the moon.