What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


I’ve been following Elektron long enough to feel comfortable saying that yes, there has been a small drop in quality with their products. Would stress “small” there though.

I speak from experience but casting my mind back to the A4 and AR’s release (I think I came to the party a little shortly before the A4 announcement, not sure) I do remember there being various posts about issues with the OT and Analog series. Remember “paint-gate” anyone?!

What I would say though is that Elektron as a company are incredibly helpful in solutionising issues found.

Anyway, what’s gonna be next? Would be nice if they kept it simple and put their excellent delay & reverb into an Analog Heat sized box with enough ins/outs for the OT to take advantage!

In terms of synthy stuff - I dont see anything pure analogue in their future (other than maybe an update to the AK. Someone mentioned a DT+DN combo which would be insanely cool. So too would be something like what DSI did with their prophet X combining digital and analogue worlds.


Poly granular synth sampler :confused:


How do you select scenes?
Or are there just two A & B?
Back to the drawing board


I am wondering if we will see a third Digi-machine completing the Digi-Trinity.
I’d love to see a good sounding VA with lots of polyphony but such a machine would be cannibalizing the A4 sales so I am not sure if that will happen :confused:

My 2nd guess would be a Wavetable-synth because wavetable synths are in fashion for years and are typical digital-synth-style


The digikeys… a new keybed unit with some sort of mixture of both the digitakt and digitone for the sound generation.


Would love to have transfer app for the iPad so I can do OS updates without the need for a computer. Also keen on using an iPad to record my music.

You guys think we will ever see an iPad transfer app?


Only If the Community develops it. I guess that the company has too much other projects at parallel to deal with.


_Multifx with lots of lfo’s
_Sequencer with euclidian, scales,chorder,random sequencing and lots of lfo’s


I too would love this but I doubt it. They seem very focussed on desktop mac/windows.

I feel like they are missing a trick here. For example if the heat could act as a 2x2 usb audio interface for iPad, they would sell a butt tonne i reckon.


A powerfull wavetable synth like Serum with the Elektron sequencer


This is the most interesting idea honestly. I also like the FX box, but to me a tape machine would be ten times more interesting.


A polyphonic Moog Grandmother :stuck_out_tongue:

in all seriousness though, a well thought out granular synth would be dope!


It is called digitakt mkii :sunglasses:


I want a pure Elektron Sequencer.

No Audio, just MIDI. More than 1 MIDI Outs and Ins, 16 Channels per Out. More than 1 LFO per Channel. MIDI CC learn. In a big case like the AR/OT/A4. (Drum)Pads in chromatic order. Song Mode. Support for CC, NRPN, Sysex, unlimited number of controllers per Channel, so you can add every controller the synth has to offer. PC configuration Utility. Synth configuration saveable. More than one Trigger per Step.


Lately I’ve been thinking about how good the Digitakt/Digitone effects sound, and how you can’t stream the master effects with Overbridge (AFAIK). I wouldn’t mind having them as VSTs…


MD, the legendary machine on which the Elektron brand and paradigm were built, in DT/DN format is enough for me and perhaps others too. :wink:


you can find sysex transfer apps in the istore - i used one to update my digitone when on the road without a laptop


the elektron MYX…

an ob capable audio interface/mixer with lots of syncable lfo driven fx options, syncable envelope followers, compressors and eq’s, along with some octatrack like liquid audio sampling and mangling and looping and slicing and crossfading scenes action features/options on the fly…all with fx p lcking the hell out of any realtime incoming audio signals and freezed recordings…

and a machinedrum meets monomachine in the digi format, of course…


I would be already satisfied with digitone and digitakt combined in one box of octatrack Size and eight tracks. 128 instead of 64 step sequencer would be great also.


I say it again…an 8 stereo Track Tape Emulator out of the OP1 with 8 mono Inputs, eq, pan, three FX Slot per Track…