What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


Id like to see their take on the boss rc505 looper or the AIRA MX1 mixer, or both in one :stuck_out_tongue:


…good one…adding some tape emulation fx to my MYX dream would also make my day…

but apart from sampling, tone and takt combined would make a machinedrum meets monomachine combo pretty much already…and something like that will come for sure, soonish…


First I want the keys mk2, second some mixer fx thingy with faders, 3rd something to process vocals. That and then continue adding stuff with firmware updates.

For sure they will make something else and I will also need it because it will be awesome.


Those FX algos from Töne/Takt as guitar stomp Pedal…Mark my words…


Elektron digital multi FX box would be sweet, but having them as VST/AU would be more convenient.


Mixer with fx -midi -filters - aux send/returns and 8 channels stereo

  1. Digital Wavetable Synth
  2. Performance Mixer/8-Track Recorder/Multi-FX


hmmm…sounds more like u are cursed…the average electron user seems quite happy with built quality…
sure u just don’t love ranting more than actually making music…?


…and it seems i’m really not alone with my MYX dream…

so here we go, nerdy vikings…give us a damned fx mixer/interface p lock style…c u at next namm or supabooth with good news heading towards that direction…

focus on ob and keep a destinguished hub functionality for that in mind to surprise us like u guys did with dtone…


I don’t see a mixer or recorder in the pipeline (besides the existing capacity of the OT of course.) They’ve put a lot of effort into OB, so clearly they see most people recording with a computer. For live use, the existing products have decent internal mixing abilities compared to other products on the market.

If they branch out into a different kind of product, I see it being a polyphonic keyboard. Hybrid wavetable/rompler/VA. Maybe something a lil like the new DSI, with samples or VA running through analogue filters. Point of difference from existing products: polyphony and a different approach to multitimbrality. With the Elektron sequencer of course. We’re good for Elektron drum machines and analogue synths.

But I’m probably wrong!


Hard to see them putting out something without a sequencer. There’s the heat but that seemed to be based off their experience with building analog gear.


I hope they don’t even bother with VA. Update the Monomachine with 6-OP FM, and a robust wavetable synth. Keep the SID, and everything else that is expressly digital.

I love the form factor of the AK. But use up some more of that real estate with more control.


…we can be pretty sure, they gonna stick with the very succesful digi formfactor for now at least one more time…

and since there is no actual machinedrum and no actual monomachine and all fm is covered by the tone,
u don’t have to be a wise man to predict what’s next to come…

we would all dig a machine with weird digital synthesis models that can drum along and shine in polyharmony at once…
some op1 kind of thing in elektron style is on the way for sure…

and maybe they give even another marketsegment a try and look out for more custumers that would love to see a lower entry level to the elektron thing in prize and size…

i mean, let’s face it…for nerds only days are over… in music hardware they became pretty much a global player within the last years…
and berlin will even see it’s own elektron HQ office/showroom soon to come…so there we go…


an Analog Keys MK2 with 6 voices…please :drooling_face: :disappointed_relieved:
including the digitakt screen.


@Simon. Please reimagine and create a desktop wavetable synthesizer. Digi- or MKII form-factor okay.

Sound Quality / Characteristics: Digitone vs. Volca FM

Seconded! :smiley:




A digi/heat sized stereo multi effects unit would be awesome.


An 8 voice, 8 part wavetable synth in a Digitakt/Digitone style box.

Or better yet a Digitakt mk2 with stereo sampling, streaming from SD card, and replace the 8 midi tracks with an 8 voice, 8 part wavetable synth.

Or better yet something Digitakt sized that is FPGA based and sell us multiple synth engines to run on it! Sampler, FM, virtual analog, wavetable, granular, etc


4 Track Tape Recorder, pleeeease