What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


It’s not like a full granular synth of course but it’s more capable from most of the samplers in that area imo and it’s a hardware machine. If they add basic things like a zero cross point snap, grain envelope, sample page zoom etc… we can use it like a granular sound design machine also. You can use 8 audio tracks for playing different type of grains at the same time and you would have much more control on each of the 8 grains coming from 8 individual audio tracks. Because you could set different parameters like filter, gain, pan, sample start point, loop start point, loop length, lfo-envelepe type/destination!! for each grain. Even though the Digitakt can do 8 grains most at the same time, you would have much more control on that individual grains than the regular granular synth which produces random multiple grains from the chosen portion of the sample generally i think. For example if Elektron add a band pass filter option in the future, you can chose different band pass frequency for each grain on the same sample and use the digitakt as a spectral granular synth!! So i still think that the digitakt is halfway there already and the functionality i’m talking about is SO easy to achieve. This would improve the sample stretch capability of the digitakt also. (As we can avoid pops and cracks with the zero cross point snap and grain envelope.)


Digishape - Quad Performance Effects Processor
A third device in the size of Digitone/Digitakt for effects. Typical layout with display and 8 parameter encoders. No trigger buttons, but instead a fader at the bottom like Octatrack.

  • 2 Stereo inputs & 1 stereo output
  • 4 effects, freely selectable from a long list of newly developed digital effects: Tape echo, 80s hall reverb, shimmer reverb, flanger, filter, chorus, frequency shifter, etc.) No synthesis means the micro controller should be able to produce much more advanced effects
  • Each audio input can be send to another effect or master
  • Master has digital three band eq & filter
  • Two envelope followers
  • Two LFOs
  • No trigger buttons and sequencer to keep this a performance tool
  • Instead a fader with two presets to fade between (aka Octatrack)

It can e.g. be either used as

  • mini mixer with eq and send effects (e.g. as perfect companion for DT & DN duo)
  • dj performance tool (either connect CDJs or use it as send effect on real dj mixers)
  • dual stereo input effects unit (for people who also buy strymon and eventide effects)

Price: 500-650 Euro. Comparable to the other Digi machines and multi effect units like Strymon and Eventide. Shares the same simplicity and focus of doing one task good as the other Digi machines, but offers enough new things for current Elektron users.

Not sure what to add to the space left and right to the fader. Maybe a few buttons to quickly change between presets on each side? Like a1-4 and b1-4.


I would add a second stereo out making it essentially a complete 2-in-1 fx unit.

Left and right on the bottom: maybe dry/wet encoders + bypass buttons?


With this name, it needs at least a waveshaper and a wavefolder!
But nice concept!


The feature I want the most is I wish the Octatrack also had 8 linear MIDI tracks and audio tracks. 16 more tracks of non-pattern based recording memory. Just recordings that go through the whole current arrangement. You could copy/paste/delete them by measure. You could create patterns out of specific measures. That would be simple and would go a long way towards making it an unqualified better instrument. What holds me back the most on the Octatrack is the inability to record a part for the song that just goes through the whole song. I don’t always want to worry about patterns and such.

Edit: Actually a standalone recorder with some linear audio tracks and linear MIDI tracks would work, might be inexpensive to produce, and could easily be synced with existing Elektron machines. Maybe you could even send arrangements/song structure to the recorder from other machines and it could mark those points in your recording for reference when editing. Repeats, too. I would like the ability to specify repetition of arbitrary bars and arbitrary repeat counts.


The next gear I want to see from Elektron:

  • a bugfixed A4MKII (sound locks etc.)
  • a bugfixed ARMKII (freezing and lagging etc.)
  • a bugfixed OTMKII (pre-slices etc.)
  • … and so on …


Would be good to see something new with a completely redesigned interface


Digital drum synth, lots of voices, small size, performance oriented, banks of sounds - not only one sound pool.


someone make this muckup would like a multi effects p-lock mixer sequencer something like the analog heat but with multi in/0uts


This…and the Tape emulation out of the OP1 as standalone product in DT size. Does not even need the sequencer. Just 6 stereo tracks of recording, track bounce, no overbridge, overdubbing, tape-like tricks, two FX busses per track, two master fx, compressor and tape saturation included, an OLED double the size of the OP1. Digitape. For 779 € incl. VAT i ll take one instantely.


MD mk3 in digi form factor

(with shed loads of lfo’s) :wink:


I’m still new to elektron and learning, but it seems like the hardware all share a little of this and a little of that, and there’s a need for a strictly digital brain to control it all

digimidi, a dedicated midi sequencer, with a focus on lfos and song mode, the brains of it all

overbridge-midi is like overbridge, but handles midi merge, thrus, etc, etc

overbridge-cv is a eurorack midi>cv and cd>midi interface with dc coupled audio/cv in and out!

have these discussions have taken place inside elektrons walls?


Totally agree. An Elektron Squarp Pyramid is my bed time fantasy :see_no_evil:

Several midi outs. Just as many CV outs. The usual Elektron interface but with more “buttons/knobs per function” and a screen the size of Texas.
Of course, I could just sell all my synths, or learn to use a DAW and waste more money on midi+CV interface that lag like hell.

But yeh, why rule just Elektron when you can rule the synth world :thup: :3lektron:


Rip the OP1 Tape Emulation and do a standalone recording unit with it. For all dawless Fans a dream.


Doesn’t wait anything else from elektron except 8 Chanel audio streaming for overbridge enabled box like digitakt !!!


Without having read the responses yet, it seems you are referring to the MM, only with the need of velocity and aftertouch on the controller. Cheers


What would I like to see next? Products that work.
Simple really…

2 bad ARs, Elektron wont be seeing any more of my cash until they can demonstrate consistant quality manufacturing. The endless bugs and poor hardware is just a sad joke now.


What do you mean with “poor hardware”?

I never had a elektron machine that didn’t work (i only have a OT&A4), but of course i’m aware of the overbridge fiasco and the Digitakt.


Sounds like luck of the draw River. Unfortunate, or should say I’ve seen few posts
with experiences resembling what I had upon company’s first inception.


Granular synthesizer