What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


Sounds terrible sorry.
The only analog I ever want to see again is maybe analog filters on the back end of some crazy digital madness maschine.
Digitone is good, but we need the envelope pushed much further still in the digital domain.


Some new incarnation of the Monomachine concept in a smaller footprint?


Digitone is too close I think.
I bet on analog.
AnaTakt and AnaTone ?
(Auto censored version)


You’re probably right. It sort of follows Elektron’s history too (ignoring the SidStation):
Percussion/Sampling => Digital Synth => Analog
but maybe that just mirrors what was popular with consumers at the time.


I think they still can improve the granular synthesis capability of the Digitakt. It seems very easy to do.


DigiTape - a recorder and mastering environment. Essentially, the porta reinvented.


I don’t think there will be another digi box. I think this is the new duo similar to machinedrum/monomachine and analogfour/analogrytm. I’ve always viewed the sid station and octatrack as outliers


Well they went
MD, mono, monokeys
A4, AR, AnalogKeys
Digitakt, Digitone…Digikeys

That’s if the keys world / market is still important to them

They did rock up with an Arturia Keystep at NAMM so i think it shows they still aim to appeal to that spectrum

Even if they did something more akin to say the virus keys style, a nice compact unit but one with fully fledged features like slide, song mode, individual outs etc etc


People will hate me for this but: “No more Digi-boxes!“
Seriously, I want a full blown digital Wavetable synth, with the size of the Octatrack. The Octatrack size is still relatively small, but offers enough space for lots of knobs and other interface elements.
Last thing I want to see/need is another analog mono synth.

Maybe a synth, that allows creation and modulation of Wavetable and a layer of granular. Or something like Box dedicated to Physical modelling, with a bunch of tools that can be routed in different ways. Or a new way of additiv synthesis.
A modular approach, with waveshaping moduls, resonators, audio dividers, different filter models or even z-plane filters. There are a ton of plugins, that i would love to see as hardware standalone box.
I already was a little bit disappointed over the limitations of the Digiton. I would be willing to pay more, and wait as long as it takes, but get something that really awesome. But if i need a nice analog mono synth, there already enough good ones to choose from.

We already have a few threads about this subject.


Does the digitakt count as granular? As far I know, it can only play single grains and granular IMO needs multiple grains simultaneously.
But i would love to see more granular synths, or some forms of combinations. like the Quantum. I like granular most, if it is on top of a continuously/„normal“ waveforms.


I’d like it if they focus on fixing the bugs in their old products.


Octatrack can do better granular stuff than DT.


Yes, but as far I know, the OT can just play one grain per track at the same time. A real granular synth like the GR-1 can play 128 grains simultaneously per voice.


I also mentioned this in another thread, but I’d love to see a SID-style (not using real SID chips) synth in a box this size. It would be mainly a subtractive mono synth, though could operate paraphonically like the SID, but also with the ability to swap out (well, expand on really) the wave tables that the SID uses, with more abilities like table scanning, morphing, etc. It could use 12db analog State Variable Filter. It should sequence MIDI like the other Digis, and maybe have a single gate and CV output track. I think that would cover a lot of bases, mix analog and digital, and offer a lot of control for external devices. Kinda approaches Elektron’s roots, while adding a form of synthesis that people have been asking for as well (wave table). Some granular functionality could also be implemented in a synth architecture like this as well I think in a way that makes sense. Maybe load sample data into a wave table slot, then do granular operations from there. Maybe some AM, RM, XOR style combiners too.

The DigiScan!

Edit: I liked this better when it was in the Digi-Only version of this thread.


I’d really like an Overbridge-in-a-box mixer with a least 3 USB inputs (AR+A4+AH or DT+DN+D?)


I’d love em to do a full size box but with the 8x2 sequencer of the digi’s, which would also leave more room for more stuff on the interface :slight_smile:


Maybe first finish what’s started already?

That’s what I am teaching my 2 year old, never too early for that IMHO.

After that i would love to see an Elektron take on a multi instrument loopstation, a beast. I pay :moneybag:

-The Elekron DigiL00P 8 PRO MK1-
aka the OctaL00P Pro

** For external magic: multi output, in a separated fashion


Perhaps a dedicated bass machine?


Yep, up to 8 with the same sample trimmed in audio editor. Can’t compete with GR1. :slight_smile:
Btw an Elektron real granular synth would be great.


Something combining wavetable, physical modelling (in an unnatural way) and FM would be good.
Not interested in granular or additive