Waldorf Iridium (16-voice, duo-timbral Quantum desktop)

Waldorf Iridium has made the impossible possible. The mighty synth engine from Quantum is now available in a compact form. Tracing the footsteps of its bigger brother, Iridium features all the synthesis elements of Quantum as well in a rack-compatible format. The combination of the powerful engine, incredible flexibility and detailed sound shaping facilities creates sheer endless possibilities of sound. Yet, the comprehensive layout and easy-to-understand structure lets you design your own sounds in no time. Sporting a solid metal casing and the same high level of craftsmanship like Quantum, Iridium is now ready to take over studios and stages throughout the world.



Wow, looks cool. Any idea of price?

MSRP: 1960€ (not including taxes)

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:open_mouth: this is nnice but that price :grimacing:


And now it’s gone.

…mm, getting 404 from that link :expressionless:

I was just thinking/day dreaming about a Quantum module yesterday after seeing some new video’s… amazing news!

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I just bought a Kyra now this happens.


Aren’t they competing with themselves ?
I don’t know finer difference between the synths but they both seem nice.

Never used the quantum.

But here’s my Kyra experience so far.

  1. High polyphony count FGPA synth that you layer with. The oscillators sound very analogue. It sounds like a behaved analog polysynth.

  2. That hypersaw mode reminds me of a Roland JP8000 on steroids.

  3. Moog Ladder filter. -12db is nasty. -24db modes sounds like a HiFi.

  4. Strong effects section. I wish that one day I can stream stems though it.

Does anyone know if quantum has audio to USB too?


this might devalue my quantum quickly. I wonder what the sound difference is on the filters? Whats the hardware difference that gives this one 16 voice vs 8 of the quantum?

it looks like the 3d artwork of a VST. I love Waldorf stuff. Can’t wait for more details.


You have analogue filters and oscillators. So that’s one advantage


That’s like half the price of the Quantum. That seems like a great deal!

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Doesnt say if it has analog filters as the Quantum

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it has digital filters

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Yep me too! Thought this was Serum or something

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on a second thought, that doesn’t actually seem to be a lot considering the features…


Interesting addition of these 16 lit pads to the user interface. Sixteen pads sixteen voices.

For the moment i will presume velocity sensitive and perhaps aftertouch sensitive pads. And multi-color backlit too.

ADDED TWO DAYS LATER: There is no velocity, no aftertouch on the pads, and they are not meant to be drummed.

Seems to my imagination that this is headed into a different performance space from the Quantum – rather than being just a rackmount / desktop Quantum.