Waldorf Quantum

I just looked – Thomann has the price all the way down to $3,456 plus $33 for delivery to the USA! That’s almost a $1000 dollars less than it is here.

This has me tempted, plus there’s something mystical about that price. Superstition is a good reason to buy something right?

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Quantum owners:

How strong do you feel the Quantum is for vintage monosynth duties?

They state first off that is a guideline price and it looks more like 3600 to me. Also that is for a B stock unit so I don’t know how important that is for you. I can tell you that I called sweetwater and they were able to knock the price down on a brand new unit for me. It was worth every penny.

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Just got one. Pretty amazing right off the bat. Modulation assignment done right.

Not mine but a very nice example of possibilities on the Quantum.

Quantum OS 2.0 !

So this is a major release with lots of new stuff and major improvements. From the article above:

Waldorf describes the Kernel oscillators as a sort of “oscillator construction kit, allowing for traditional approaches like a six-operator FM synth, as well as providing an experimental space for future-facing synthesis techniques.”

Six operator FM ! So the grumble up post on no FM is over. And there is a lot more possible besides with the Kernel Operators. And they’ve added a parameter-only Sequencer mode with up to eight parameter tracks. Wavetable enhancements and new wavetable user interface. Improvements to Particle (the granular synth) sound good too.

Would love to hear reactions from those that own this machine.


I updated today with the new patches. I have had the beta about a month. Good stiff!

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Noice :sweat_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB3lmFS9uGY

… and stop complaining Quantum can’t do analog!

(from video) Thanks for that link. I love the little video clip that started at 1:36 in.

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With the leaked announcement of the 16 voice Waldorf Iridium, a cousin to the Quantum – does anyone else here feel that there could very well also be a Quantum Plus somewhere in the works too ?

I know Waldorf as a corporation is only moderate in size, and they also have their recently announced Kyra as well, but the Iridium really marks a shift in the Quantum line to me.


I already have the Quantum and going to add this Iridium!

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It will be interesting to see what Waldorf adds for people like you to allow the two to work cooperatively together.

Obviously being able to move patches between them will be important – so perhaps some sort of translation for things that are different – like with the filters.

As for instance it seems to me at the very least you could find some ways to do similar things for the analog filters on the Quantum with the digital filters on the Iridium.

ADDED: No doubt the V 2.0 Firmware has been part of this too.

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Yes, since firmware 2.0 there is a option to the analog filter section to select between analog or digital.


So in the just out Synth Anatomy video on the Iridium, Rolf talks about the forth coming V 3.0 Quantum release, and also talks about other future developments. The Beta for that will be available in a few days though it is only partial. Part of the reason for this is to move patches back and forth.

But there are also some new secret features for the Quantum in V 3.0 only due later this year.

He makes quite clear this is a family and so one product will not be ignored to develop the other. So this will be good for both products.

ADDED: At 38:13 Rolf says something interesting about firmware development – “and the good thing is, whenever we do a thing like this, which is more of a basic functionality, we do it once, and all the instruments of the platform, currently Quantum and Iridium, will participate from that development.” To me that means there is more to come from this platform.

ADDED FURTHER: So two things going into the Beta V 3.0 are the some new digital filters from the Iridium, and the touch screen version of the Pads, with their four modes.

AND MORE ADDED: They are working on a 16 voice upgrade to the Quantum but because of the analog filters there are some technical challenges that may or may not make this impossible – so Rolf gives no promises for this development.

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Truly amazing that Waldorf can’t get it right, it’s not rocket science. The type of buttons aren’t unique, plethora of manufacturer that can implement the same type of buttons without any issues.

Did you get it replaced or fixed ?

My unit was fine, but a lot of people from Gearslutz had those problems. The problem of the keys is due a cable that makes direct contact with the keyboard, and the screen, changing the oldest one for a new version, although some people didn’t need to replace the screen, just with an update was fixed.

As far as I know, the service technical of Waldorf works very well

As far as I know, the service technical of Waldorf works very well

Problem is that Waldorf expects its customers to live with whacky buttons on a 2000 euro synth… :nauseated_face:

Got my Quantum Friday and it is exceptionally built. Like a tank. Probably the most well built synth I’ve ever touched.