Waiting for our Syntakts to arrive

I open thread for us to share our waiting anxiety and first impressions when it arrives.
On my side still waiting for Elektron to ship it, still on “paid” status :frowning:


Lol, it’s all a bit ridiculous really.


Haha don’t worry. Participation is not mandatory !




I support you all in your time of need.


I thought it was ridiculous but you might just be the most honest one here.

Well, I’ve got a preorder in a Perfect Circuit because I couldn’t make up my mind in time to order from Elektron. I still don’t know if I’ll make the cut for their first batch of preorders so who know if this is a long wait or not.

As for Elektron, they must be celebrating a successful launch. Congrats to them because these things are never easy.

As I only recently joined this place with a DT and an MS, it seems I’ve dived down the rabbit hole.


I ordered/paid from Elektron this morning, but my order status still shows as unpaid :sweat:

Do you have experience with ordering directly from Elektron? Do they send a shipping notification by e-mail with a tracking number?

Edit: found the answer to my own question on the Elektron website!

“We ship all orders using UPS. This guarantees the quickest and safest possible delivery. Shipping within Europe is 2-4 business days, to North America 3-4 business days and to the rest of the world generally between 2-6 business days. When the order is shipped we will send you the tracking number by e-mail. It is also possible to log in to your Customer Account to access the tracking number.”


I had some issue and my first try failed after introducing credit card data with no logical reason… second time it worked and shown as paid after only several minutes. I suppose it all depends on regions, payment methods, etc… so many variables. I’m on Spain

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All aboard the hypetrain! I’m shocked that it sold out on Elektron’s site tbh.

This is exactly what i’ve been looking for and i’m wondering if my Digitakt will get as much love once the Syntakt arrives.

I usually regard this kind of threads as absurd, but I have to recognize I’m excited as Syntakt check all my boxes and is my first Elektron launch for a product I’m honestly interested… just returning to being a child for a little while I suppose


Long term forum lurker, Im mostly into modular but been waiting for a new elektron box for years. Ive finally got one and I cant wait


What time of need? Come on we’re just sharing fun!

Hey everybody.

I just want you to know that.

It is worth the wait.





How is the CP machine? Same as on the Rytm?

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Its digital

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Oh, I missed that.
So the analog clap stays with the Rytm…

Analog synth machines are BDs, SDs, RSs, UTs, and Dual VCO on tracks 9-11, and OHs, CYs, CHs, CBs, UTs on track 12.


3 DVCOs, that’s lovely.
The digital clap will be fine, I’m sure.

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