Introducing Syntakt

Hah yeah, I’m also impatient hence I ordered it from Cut Off instead of from Elektron so I could go pick it up myself from the store instead of waiting for shipping, seems it paid off :smiley:

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well… mine includes a limited edition dustbag and cables… :thinking: ok, you win…

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I saw that bundle, very cute, I wonder who puts his syntakt in a backpack with a dustbag…

So I went to my local store and just ordered a digitakt decksaver lid with my Syntakt.


I’m gonna install a JALAPENO chip…

as in: JaLapEñoBizness

(I’ll see myself out…)

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It looks like Elektron themselves have stock again, it shows the buy button instead of “out of stock”.


Thank you! I’ll slide over to the Waiting for our Syntakts to arrive thread :sunglasses:


I like Elektron boxes, but always felt it lacks substantially in the effects department. Effects on newer boxes are quite ok, but there are so few. Only delay and reverb, or delay, reverb and chorus. Ok, there is also overdrive, but let’s put it aside fo a while. It’s really a shame and lame. There should be at least phaser.

Actually they could do somenthing like 4 send effects slots, and 10-20 deifferent effects to choose from. It would pump up possibilities a lot and broaden sonic terirory. It could be easily done with modern DSPs and memory bricks, as these goods are chep nowadays.

Why Elektron? Why to partially waste such a potential?


Totally agreed - the effects area of development is sorely lacking on all the products. Even octatrack had quite a few more if i recall…


If you can modulate a notch filter and base width filter (hello Syntakt) you have a phaser though innit?

I’m really happy Elektron are moving back towards effect modulation. There’s not much you can’t do with filters and delays, the more the better imho.


yea being able to p-lock the fx parameters (&2 fx lfo’s) is just massive. I’m seriously buzzin. they nailed it.


But just a single noth is still quite poor phaser.

If the delay was just more flexible and could do real flanging and chorusing, i would be set. Flanger especially, is so cool on elektrons because of how much movement it can create in simple sounds.

Can you imagine they will bring out a Syntakt Keys.

Too late. I got in, and never got back out. I’m actually typing this from the FM Grid.



It’s a notch and a band filter. But yeah agreed, which is why I mentioned …

There’s not much you can’t do with filters and delays, the more the better imho.

The point being the Syntakt is actually a step towards more effects, better than a lot of the competition and that modulation, filters and delays are more fun and flexible for creating effects than simply adding stock effects.


Wait for Syntone

Live streaming Syntakt. Topic is dub chords. Using multiple machines vs using the chord machine:

discussion in YouTube chat, or at:


Had my first real play with this tonight, it’s quality.

Don’t know why but I always found making drums boring, almost a means to and end so I can get on to making bass lines and layering endless melodies where I found all my enjoyment. An almost “that’ll do approach”. But I’ve spent 3 hours in this just making drums and drum sounds and just made a “that’ll do” bass line so I could get on with playing with the drums. Total opposite of how I’d normally make tracks.

The synths are not as immediately inspirational to me as they are on DN (probably cos you can’t just drench it in lovely chorus …) so abit more work to do to get em sweet, but it’s somehow more fun.

DT and DN were like impressive tools to make electronic music I wanted to make, syntax feels less like a tool, it’s challenging me to do stuff I’ve never done before, really enjoying it.

Oh and I’ve really been enjoying the chord mode, watching the reviews I thought this would be me least enjoyed/used engine buts it’s probably my favourite just now, just so many ace sounds and again sounds that I’d never make or come across just using my DN.


Sorry if someone already posted this and I missed it, but this is certainly one of the best videos I’ve seen on the Syntakt.