Twisted Electrons deton8


I use to make all my music on an MPC. Now that I’m into mixing and sequencing live analog synths and drum machines, I’m more excited about samplers like this.

MPC Live & MPC X

What is this? I can’t find any info!


Yeah. It’s only recently that I’ve come to this realization regarding my sampler needs. With all this Elektron gear, and analog machines coming out left and right, the thing I like most is how you can spontaneously/organically twist knobs, and take advantage of how those analog sounds dynamically react. It’s just a shame to freeze them in one particular state as samples.


If it’s a 8 at the end it’s probably come from, i guess we see and Acid8 on the bottom :

acid8, Devon8 etc…


Yet to be released prototype from Twisted Electrons. I expect an analog filter(s), and lo-fi something or other.


I wish he’d also continue developing the AY3. I love mine but always felt it could go further with firmware refinements…

EDIT: wohoo, new OS has been released over a year ago! Unfortunately nothing major, seems only to be bugfixes etc


I know what it is, I took the photo! :slight_smile: Was at a “modular noise” kind of meeting in Berlin. They said its a sampler with sequencer end build in effects but unfortunately could not tell much more because it was a very early prototype.
Same size as the acid8 by the way


How’s the workflow? Is it just freedom with parameters? Timestretch? Better for beats/percussion than loops? Is this more of a soundsource than workflow staple? external storage? Internal based? How does this sound compared to the Toraiz?


Sorry, down in this basement it was so loud that I could hardy breath… so no idea of how the sound might be :wink:
I can remember that it had an sd-card and the guy mentioned something about parameter locking and resampling but as it was a really early prototype I could not play with it myself and I guess that nothing was really final there


Don’t know anything about it yet, but I’m guessing it’s going to be under $500, and it’s going to be more like a classic Electribe workflow than anything else I can think of. I wouldn’t expect a ton of features, but perhaps a ton clever tricks.


Ah! For some reason I thought it you were testing it.

Thanks for the speculation!


Looks interesting more details going to be announced at NAMM?


based on the buttons and knobs , and similarity to acid 8 , i think most features are obvious.
acid 8 is pretty straight forward

i’m going to assume its got 16 samples , probably banks , and might step sequence each of the knob parameters

i like his new metal box designs though ive already got old acid 8 and therapsid


Probably a mirage clone


A compact sampler with analog filter(s)? “crush,” “buzz,” and “break” effects? hmm…


Finally coming?


this looks like a nice box but the tech spec doesnt specify that the drums are samples , though i suspect they are based on the audio demo.
the other question is how the samples are modified via the sound variation knob , as it specifies slightly different functions based on which drum sound its being used on.

i’m assuming that , similar to digitakt , the tracks are labelled bass,snare etc but not limited.
i like their boxes and the smaller form factor looks well built.


so is the wavetable synthesis (for some reason) referring to some of the glitch effects scanning the sample rather than actual drum synthesis?


Definitely curious about this as I really like my Acid8 and it seems really focused on live tweaking. There is a product page:

It suggests that the synth channel is a wavetable based on the NES. It also mentions being able to load multiple kits which are listed so I dunno if that means they are preset or if you can load your own.

Looking forward to finding out more about this…


ah gotcha