Transferring samples : SDS ? - iOS solutions?

I’ve had the model:cycles for three days now and I find myself lusting for a model:samples! Weak, I know. I never felt the urge to owning a digitakt even though I got digitone, the digitakt felt like “rytm LE” to me, but the model:samples differs enough from rytm’s sample side that it makes getting one tempting, especially with the current price point…!

But there’s one show stopper for me - sample transfer. Since the m:s doesn’t sample in any way (not even via USB, right?), I’d need a friggin COMPUTER for transferring the samples. Which I don’t have (at home). But I have an iPad Pro.

So obviously elektron transfer app isnt available on iOS (@Olle, any chance we might see a port in the future?), but since the “legacy way” of elektron sample transfer via SDS is supported, is there a working SDS solution on iOS that I could use for sample transfer?

I have bought STROM for my rytm but no idea if the app works with m:s… and @void hasnt been around much lately has he? So if STROM doesn’t work with m:s already, it probably never will.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of SDS-enabled app would actually work for sample transfers?


Elk Herd? Not sure if it works on iOS Chrome though?

Thanks, will check it out!

Not sure if supports M:S either, come to think of it…

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Paging @mzero

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Ok, that’s it, m:s purchase imminent.


EDIT: Oh no, iOS version of chrome doesn’t support webMIDI… I’ll check all my browsers.

EDIT2: Nope. Tried Chrome, Safari & Firefox… none of them support webMIDI. dayum

Just checked for some reason iOS chrome no bueno, but this appears to work - at least it doesn’t give an error, I didn’t check it beyond that.

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Waaaaaaait! While elk-herd will transfer samples to/from Model:Samples… It won’t run on iOS. This is because Chrome on iOS isn’t really Chrome - Apple forces Google/Chromium to use the Safari engine underneath, and Safari doesn’t support WebMIDI.

elk-herd will work on a Chrome book, or an Android table or phone if you have any of those.


Have you gotten elk-herd to work with that app? I tried about ten months ago and it was no go — I wrote the developer, as there seems to be some sticky lowlevel issue… but they were totally unresponsive.

I only just tried it and it did not give the error that iOS Chrome gives, I didn’t check it beyond that yet as I have misplaced my cable.

I installed this webMIDI browser and it does not give an error message, at least.

Does the elk-herd support model:cycles? I can test pattern transfers with that at least…

EDIT: Is AH supported by elk-herd? If it is, this app probably doesn’t work, as I can dump an AH preset as syx to Sysex Base app OK, but elk-herd page does not identify the AH USB MIDI ports even if I press “reprobe”.

So I guess I’ll keep on digging…

Probably worth connecting M:C to ipad and testing if it recognises M:C midi device when probing?

elk-herd doesn’t support AH or model:cycles. (I haven’t got either of those units!)


I just downloaded the web midi app and hooked up my Digitakt. Elk herd doesn’t see it.

I blame @AdamJay he nearly dang got me to buy one too I-tell-ya-h-whhatt. :rofl:

Still might… :smile:



Agreed! Looks like I’m buying a computer that can run transfer.

Ahh, too bad. So the app is still not working it seems.

I am very tempted but without a sane way to transfer samples over without using a computer, no go. Guess I will have to “settle” using my MC-101 as a m:s substitute in the meantime… Which it really isnt, no comparable plocking/mangling appeal on the sequencer level.

But I’ll be watching things develop, if a viable method for doing SDS on iOS becomes possible, m:s will be bought.