Transfer Application


You are not asking for anything, you are demanding and that looks more like whining. I agree on some of your points, that’s just not the way you should address your issues.

“sort of goes against the design philosophy of Elektron products”

OB works perfectly for me (mkI) so hearing your whining all over the board doesn’t make your case. Relax, chill, do whatever and save yourself some time by not using the functions that you don’t even need.


Coming in February sounds great, if it´s true. I almost hope it isn´t :wink: since i´ve been close to writing my own transfer app (i´m a programmer) and it would have been a funny side-task to add to my CV.
But let´s hope it´s true then, and with it´s release we also get a fresh OS with other meaningful fixes and bits&pieces.


But I think we can all respect each other as people with different needs and different ways of working.

Elektron machines are hybrids now and Elektron tries to take care of everyone without necessarily advantage one or another. With their internal technicals problematics to solve without introducing problem here or there.

And patience is also not the prerogative of a particular group of users … we are all impatient because it represents important investments. Still ! a little of patience AGAIN ! and we can talk about other things then… as it’s should be out in more or less around february

Peace and I do hope you will get what you wait and be happy in February as all of us will hope the same for his own needs and workflow to get “more” as we all, always want more :wink:

And you right the board is everyone board ! of course as well as the Freedom of expression it is very important !

(deleted a part here because maybe confusing in how I explain it from my French to my English skills)


It’s not a case of asking for “more”. I’m not complaining about not having the new oscillators that have been announced. The Rytm MK1 was sold with a sample upload capability from day one, which is a major selling point- but this function is unacceptably crippled to the point that many of us just don’t use it… as someone else pointed out, the Volca does this properly and it costs like 1/8th of the price of the Rytm.


Exactly this. Patience is one thing, but it is getting a bit of a longstanding issue for many.


Just throwing this in cause I’ve seen it mentioned a few times. The volca sample does not do sample transfer properly. It takes 15 minutes to transfer 4mb of sample and fails 75% of the time.

I Actually own one


I was going by what someone else said about the Volca. In any case, this is 2017, the Rytm cost at least 8X the Volca, and it has USB and some sort of flash storage system. If a 3rd party app can do it then I can only think implementing sample transfer with usable speeds has been ignored in favour of focusing on OB and the newer boxes. It’s not something I lose sleep over :slight_smile: It’s pretty common with companies small and large- once they’ve sold the product they just move on to the next one. Nobody is going to sue Elektron because the sample transfer is too slow, since transfer speed is not specified in the product description.


After all this waiting in addition to the dual VCO I also want other machines for BT XT HH etc. etc. :smile:


That would be amazing, a feature like that would really bring out the beast in the mk1.


I do not think I wanted to express myself in that way.
I’m not a more respectable user than any other one here… sorry if you misinterpreted on some part of what I said …

I manage with C6 and I did not have a lot of crash. I may be lucky … it’s possible of course.

I have in mind that finishing with : And you right the board is everyone board ! of course as well as the Freedom of expression it is very important !

Was clear enough…


Looks like the team needs reinforcement. Good to know they tackle the problem.


My definition of “fanboy” is someone who thinks that the company that made their favourite product did it out of their goodness of their heart, as a charitable, selfless contribution to human culture. They regard any criticism of said company as hate speech, they take it personally and will go to some lengths to silence it, by flagging in this case. It’s ok folks, Elektron are going to be just fine.


Stop stirring please, everyone, and try to get it back on-topic

Criticism of Elektron is not a valid reason to flag, but directing the pejorative term Fanboy at someone usually is

Complaining about flagging is disagreeing with the way things are … you’ve already agreed to play by the guidelines … Cynicism isn’t that interesting to read either

So, can folk just be civil/constructive and just accept that we have varying opinions and that community flagging may result in post deletion - so best just keep it friendly or as per guidelines - it shouldn’t be too hard



I do think that people wishing to express dissatisfaction - provided it is done according to the forum guidelines - do not need to have their posts challenged or flagged by other forum members, no matter how well meaning it may be intended.

Personally I do think that sometimes genuine and valid criticism of Elektron is warranted, and as most of us agree on, should be allowed.


Flagging and the way it’s often used in forums reminds me of school days … Some folks get comfortable after a long time posting and think that an open forum is their private echo chamber.


Unfortunately being on an Elektron forum people don’t like hearing negative criticism of their products, even when justified.
You just have to learn to play the game, and laugh it off when necessary.
You will always be outnumbered when you question the system
And yes it’s a bit like school, but at least I don’t get whacked with that bamboo cane when I step out of line. Shit that hurt :joy:


With respect that is a bit of an oversimplification. For example, and I can only speak for myself here, if the machine does not have all the functions promised at the time of purchase but with the assurance from the manufacturer that these will be added at a later date, then it is not necessarily that the whole machine does not work for me, but that certain functions like backup of samples does not (currently) work for me, and that I might feel that simply the wait for the promised features has been too long.

Of course then factor in that new machines have been launched, seems a bit unfair TBPH.


They probably underestimated the load for 2017 and are now addressing the problem (or they anticipate even more load for 2018, ahahah…). For me the job offer is a clear sign that they heard the legitimate concerns expressed by their customers (this and their communication).

That said, if there’s something I learned from buying a MPC Live last year: Don’t buy (or keep) gear on promises of future upgrades !


You too ? made the same mistake with Toraiz (at release) and MPC live (at release) :slight_smile:
Don’t buy (or keep) gear on promises of future upgrades ! < it’s damn right


Yes, me too… I have no need for a midi sequencer that can’t even let me edit control changes with ease. The DT was the final nail in the coffin for my MPC.