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Their instruments still work as intended without overbridge. Sure it’s annoying if you don’t use it that firmware updates are tied to stability in OB. The backup issue for RYTM and DT is a serious problem at the moment, but that’s tied to the computer anyway.


what do you mean ‘maybe’ ?? Simon just promised its coming!
As for myself, I mostly use Overbridge to audition and drag samples into the sample slot since that is by far the most painful thing to do on the hardware itself. I do avoid it for the most part though.
However, 1 amazing thing with Overbridge is that it lets you expose ANY parameter on the RYTM to something like Max for Live LFOs. This way you have unlimited LFOs for modulation. Overbridge has some perks outside the obvious things


OB was the final point for me to buy an AR and I never had any problems with using Live and OB.

So who’s in the right here? I guess no one but you have to deal with the fact that many users really like OB.


Same. Multitracking via usb is crucial for me and OB has worked fine for me for 14 months now,


Chill. You are not the only customer of Elektron here.


Is it not possible to Backup with C6 ? or i miss something … i mean i wait my MK2 but i backup my MK1 with C6 before and I don’t have problem with this way. Otherwise how people even make those Sound Bank with Kits & Pattern + samples…


If I read this thread again I’m happy that I only make music for the fun of it. I think some people who make stuff in a more professional way or even for a living might see this different. I’d be happy if transfer and ob will work flawlessly one day but until then I just do what I did the last years. Music for the fun (for me at least). So no need to argue or be upset here.


I am not trying to be pedantic here, but whilst that maybe true for some users it is not for everyone or else people would not be airing their issues, for many users sample transfer to and from Rytm mk1 is flaky at best, and if you look at something like the Volca sample - a much more limited, cheaper and simpler machine - it is much quicker and easier to load user samples into, and even the MDUW handles sample transfer better than Rytm mk1.

Why it does not just have drag and drop via USB is a very strange design decision, given that it has a USB port and flash memory, it would have been much less of a headache for everyone including Elektron.


Yep seems like job for Behringer to me :joy:


Behringer Ulilog Rymt :rofl:


How the MDUW sample transfer is better than the rytm, isn’t it just C6 as well? Just curious as I’m considering picking up a MD.


Yeah I have no idea why. C6 works perfectly with the MD and A4

But with the Rytm and audio samples, it sucks

As someone above mentioned some time ago, for a machine that seems so sophisticated in so many other ways, wtf is going on with the sample transfer ??


Coolest thing is you can directly send crispy MD samples to Rytm via midi :wink:


My Rytm fails to transfer batches of multiple files. It does this about 75% of the time. I queue up a bunch of transfers and hit transfer. It then randomly stalls somewhere along the line. I then have to go back and send each sample individually.

Never have had this issue with the MD


I understand the perspective, frustration, and expectations that should naturally occur if you previously owned an MDUW.
However, much of the frustration seems to stem from expectation, not what was actually offered.
I get it, you can compare the RYTM to many modern things and start feeling left out, OR you can compare it to other things and feel pretty good about it.
Reminds me of the Tempest a bit with many people expecting to load samples on it, discussing how easy it would be to do it if the code was open source, and then DSI stirring the pot a bit by vaguely mentioning it might be possible.

They didn’t sell a bunch of RYTM MKI’s because the sales pitch boasted high speed sample transfers and some state of the art app to go along with it. Yeah, it would definitely be nice to have all of that, but for now C6 or SDS (drag and drop) is what we got, and those do work. Sure C6 is slow & buggy, but it does work.

Again, as I stated earlier, I’ve had all the same issues with transferring files to RYTM using C6.
For some strange reason the last time I was struggling with failed loading, suddenly things worked.
I loaded 250 loops on to the RYTM with zero errors, then continued to load batches and batches of stuff.
Granted, it took about a week, but I was at work or sleeping most of the time anyways, AND I was still able to work on a project while the samples were being loaded.
I’m not saying there is no cause for frustration, I’m saying some of the expectations around here seem really odd.


Mine is Mk1

I’ll have to wait for the update


I agree it was never a selling point. But for a machine that can play samples (but not be capable of sampling in itself) to not have a relatively easy and reliable way of actually loading those samples is a bit of a disappointment.

When I have a lot of other things to do, I find I have the least amount of time for sitting in front of C6 and shepherding samples one by one to my Rytm. It’s a complete boner killer

Edit: it’s clear C6 is only an issue for some and not for others. For me a new hi speed two way app is hopefully going to rekindle my interest in my Rytm


Evidently the Transfer app is coming in February though, disappointment over.
Then we can move on to project management disappointment.


Hey there,

To be honest, I just followed the instructions that they have on the website. The only issue I had was wrapping my head around the way Logic handles MIDI in and out. I started with the “Environment” but eventually realized I was overthinking it and now I just instantiate the “external Midi instrument” on a MIDI track and set the audio output to an output on my RME Fireface which feeds the USAMO. Once setup, it syncs tight. The only issue is that is requires 1 bar to sync, so it’s a little annoying when trying to write a song. My solution is to use Logic’s internal MIDI sync (pretty decent actually) while writing, then I use the USAMO to do the actual recording.
I use it on every single MIDI instrument I have even if it doesn’t have a sequencer/arp. Nothing beats a super tight groove when it’s what you are after.
If you need any more help, I suggest looking at Expert Sleepers forum and of course pm me and I’d be happy to help in anyway I can. Cheers!


If you only use AR and Live without other external equipment it probably works ok, but otherwise the timing goes to sh*t.

I’m sorry, are you a moderator? being “chilled” is not the same as not mentioning what needs to be said.

Seriously, this is a serious machine released only a few years ago, with a USB port… there is nothing cutting edge or “state of the art” in what I’m asking for. To see a 3rd party app costing £20 that does the job pinned to the front page of this forum just adds insult to injury.