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(This and Zero-communication from Akaï)

I think the Pioneer Toraiz case is even worse… publishing an attractive list of future features… and then postponing it and then releasing almost same product with a different form factor…


Not sure who this is addressed to. I have said in various threads that I consider the AR to be the best drum machine ever made. Is is the heartbeat of my studio. But, the sample upload issue is unacceptable in this price bracket. When they pin a thread about a 3rd party app that does the job (for £20), and then they release a free app that does the job but only on the MK2, it is hard to remain civil and not just get myself banned with a big FU.


I’m not trying to be rude, or stir the pot, just matter of fact.
Using the price point as an expectation of how fast sample uploads on a drum machine should be is an expectation you created on your own to be upset by.
There’s not enough drum machines that do any of this to draw a conclusion that such things are typical.
They said it’s coming to the AR MKI, but for now SDS has the fastest solution, and C6 will load samples?


I find that C6 does a decent job but maybe I’m biased since I remember the painful days of unreliable floppies and volatile memory :laughing:


The fact that one guy wrote an app that does the job indicates that it would be trivial for Elektron to sort out… but their marketing department is probably holding it back to boost sales of the MK2. This is the most plausible explanation .


why don’t you use this app then ? this is not a rethorical question.


some people also love watching paint dry


Yep, transfer time is hella slow, however, you can always work on the music while you wait.


compare with DT… transfer is fast, but the sound will glitch ^^


it’s a workflow issue. suppose I’m working on a song and suddenly have an idea or sample I want to bring into the rytm. I absolutely do not want to stop what im doing, load up c6 and wait 10 mins for one wav file to load into my rytm


10 minutes for one wav file or damn really ?
it’s huge a bit I guess… 10x switch off probably

What kind of file is so long too upload @j0hnglist ? long loop material ?


not to mention the torture in organizing samples via the clunky folder structure on the tiny display. it’s 2017, drag and drop into a Windows explorer or finder is what the rytm needs. other than this its a perfect drum machine for me but i don’t use it nearly as much as I’d like because bringjng and organizing samples into it is such a workflow killer


Hello everyone,I have my new digitakt updated to the latest version available on the site.
Elektron transfer crashes every time I insert input and output devices, is there a solution?
I restarted the mac, reinstalled the program, and made all the various procedures to fix, but nothing.
MAC OS X 10.8.5


minimum 10.9


I think they just updated that in the last day or so?

The C++ Software Developer position is new…

Looked at the careers page within the last week, and all that was there was the generic “We are always looking…” one.

Edit: Last looked on Tuesday


Yeah, including the s^^^^y sample transfer tool and s^^^^y general file management. :smiley:

Honestly, i don’t understand elektron is not ashamed of itself for leaving its users with such unfinished nonsense for so long.

But i’m glad they’re working on it. FINALLY (hopefully) some proper transfer tool that will hopefully be able to tell you how much space is left on the device and other ‘small’ details.


I refuse to pay £20 for a simple app that should be offered by Elektron for free. I don’t understand why Overbridge does not have this functionality.


So it’s more a question of principle than a practical problem right ?



SDS drop is nice but don’t import folders hierarchy