Transfer Application


Couple weekends ago I decided to continue loading a bunch of folders worth of samples, that had previously failed.
The first few sessions, loading would fail regularly, and reduced me to 1 sample at a time.
As my impatience grew, I started selecting more and more at a time, still got a lot of failures.
For some reason, it just stopped failing, during these few days, where I left the machine on.
Once I started getting less fails, I got brave and uploaded about 250 loops.
It took about 3 days, but it actually did it without interruption.

Really looking forward to the Transfer app!


That’s what I call travellin’ light.


In the context of one track 20/30 samples, Multiple session then the amount grow… :slight_smile:
Sending in one time 2000 samples is not efficient for me. And subject to possibly failed…

When sending 1000-2000 sample you probably do that and go elsewhere since the uploading progress. When failed you loose your day and not makes music (because you know it failed only when coming back). Instead if you upload less sample you can work instantly.

Personally i prefer this way. But also, I use my RYTM for only drums and short sounds so clearly to me there’s only Ride Cymbal who take a huge time.


You can still work on stuff while uploading.


I know but I’m not comfortable with that :slight_smile:
I don’t know why…


Thank you for chiming in Simon, and thanks for the explanation of why you haven’t been here as much recently. Makes perfect sense when put as you just did. I expect this short post alone will go a long way toward calming the growing panic and diffusing any gathering ill will.

And I appreciate you forwarding the concern to the marketing team. I think it’d be good idea to make sure someone maintains some sort of regular contact. Having it in spurts with much longer periods of silence seems to be a recipe for speculation and discontent.


THIS! Overbridge is a huge waste of time for all of us, and sort of goes against the design philosophy of Elektron products, or at least it goes against the reason why many of us invest in Elektron products: THE NEED TO GET AWAY FROM RELYING ON A COMPUTER. I do not edit synths using the mouse and couldn’t care less about OB’s fancy graphical editing…

Just give us a simple data backup & restore… and sample management all-in-one utility and let us be for f…'s sake!!! (no stupid Apple style “sync”, no Total Recall- specify clearly what will be backed up and what will be overwritten)

The fact is that the audio over USB with Overbridge does not work well enough for a lot of us (with the mk1 machines) which is why I guess OB is now a free app while it was a commercial app to begin with? Recognize your mistake and move on!!!

Yes I do know that a lot of computer music publications have praised Overbridge, but many of us don’t do computer music so please focus on the hardware which is what you’re best at and stop wasting time with computer apps that will always need updating and will cause more trouble than they’re worth…

[ANGRY] :face_vomiting:


I’m also in the “not that into OB” camp. I had trouble initially getting the sync right in Ableton but eventually it was quite useable. However, I mainly use Logic X for writing and I just couldn’t get a stable workflow with it and OB.
As a side note, I purchased the USAMO (expert sleepers) and after a little bit of a tricky setup, I got it wicked tight!
Anyway, is there any chance that we could get the firmware update early if we are aware it will break OB?
Has anyone tried installing the MK2 software in the MK1? I admit I’m too “chicken” to do so myself but I know there are some risky folks out there :slight_smile:


Yep, this is happening to me also. A reason I didn’t upload any samples to my RYTM for ages. It’s just not reliable and a big headache.

Just start doing smaller updates with BETA testing, this community is a big asset for @Elektron for not to use it.


Although it still seems fair to say OB is holding up a firmware update and thus transfer app that, if not tied to OB, would otherwise be, it seems to me, a piece of cake to develop.


thank you! this is all I wanted to hear!


no point being angry. Overbridge is a huge selling point for them and part of the eco-system whether you like it or not. Just accept it. At least we are getting the transfer app soon!


Why not making an :3lektron: DAW instead of bending OB to other companies ecosystem? Modular in structure?


I don’t use OB and don’t want what it offers. If Elektron follow the Native Instruments path of software dependency, I will simply move on to other gear. I’m moving towards only using DAWs for mixing and effects and will not invest serious money in anything that is tied to computers (with their built-in obsolescence). If Elektron can’t see the increasingly large market for people who are trying to do the same, that’s too bad.



I nearly got one of those but the amount of people in the forums having trouble with it put me off. Can you say how you use it? (maybe in a new thread)


Whether you like it or not, OB is the future for Elektron.
OB was the only reason I got back into Elektron products a few years back, as I despise working on their hardware interface alone with the small screens and those encoders. I only produce alongside a computer and daw also.
OB solved my usability problems.
Everyone works different


No. Elektron has made it this far because of the hardware and specifically because of the sequencers in their hardware. Their synths and sample machines sound mediocre and OB is a mess beneath the nice graphics.




Assuming Elektron actually read these threads- I’m adding my voice to the group of users who don’t need OB, but just a small app to back up Rytm sounds/kits/patterns and transfer and organise samples on the +Drive with a drag&drop file browser-style GUI and decent speeds, so that a one-second long sample doesn’t take more than a few of seconds to upload.

At the moment, from my POV, I have to wait for the much more complex problems of OB to be ironed out so that I can maybe get these simple utilities that should have come with the AR in the first place…


OB or no OB, transfer app or no app, the RYTM is still working just like they said it would when I bought mine ¯_(ツ)_/¯