Transfer Application


but this isn’t an OB update, it’s a standalone app. I just think the bug fixes for Digitakt have priority right now and they don’t have time to update the RYTM. Originally the transfer app was supposed to drop for both devices at the same time


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Why not make a bet about the release date of the Rytm’s new OS ? I say that it won’t happen before August (hoping that I won’t be right, though).


Its been released. Were just waiting for the new Rytm Os update


Sorry, I meant the new OS for the Rytm.


Hello guys,

Any idea when “transfer” will be working with the rytm.



every day I check the Elektron site first thing in the morning
every day I am disappointed




Who knows? It’s fire and forget around here lately.


got an inside scoop that it’s not quite ready yet. no timetable yet but they hope soon


bump… any news?


Svenska minimalism


Sometime before never but after early, maybe around later, sometime, is my guess anyway… :upside_down:


It isnt. The Digitakt doesnt have any Backup System at all! You cant backup Samples and you cant even backup Projects. Elektron Transfer is only a unidirectional Solution here: From the Computer to the Device. Current Digitakt OS prevents it to work bidirectional :wink:


Or - maybe we should not give a damn about any statement Elektron does today! :slight_smile: Take the stuff the way it is and dont expect anything. That way you have your peace :wink:


nope. i just meant: they throw release dates around like nothing else these days - and NEVER meet them! i would therefore not give a damn about a word from them in that respect anymore.

also i would not bet on new features for any machine anymore. they want to make money so they rather make a new machine instead of implementing stuff in existing ones. because the latter doesnt generate money - a new machine does :wink:


Cmon Elektron! This update is well past due


at this point I’ve given up. they will likely release the new OS when the new Rytm drops


I think Elektron ought to chisel their announcements on stone tablets…
I believe this older media would be more suited to release news without instilling an expected time frame of delivery… :blowfish:


a little birdie told me they have no timetable right now for its release :frowning: