Transfer Application


I definitely have some issues, and I would absolutely LOVE a transfer app.
I really wish the AR and A4 were as easy to manage as the OT.
I wish I could figure out why my A4’s track 1 goes a semitone out of tune on switching projects (support ticket in progress)
However I see Elektron pushing updates all over the place.
Sometimes they nail it and go above and beyond, sometimes they dont.
I’m waiting like everyone else for my turn to come around on a fix or update here and there.
It’s no Tempest debacle thats for sure.
I’m just trying to see the forest from the trees here, it aint that hard.


So the current state is that the transfer app works with Analog Rytm mk2 but not yet for the mk1 right?


yeah - it seems that developments made within the OS to work with it are also tied to the upcoming release of OB which certainly requires an OS version tie-in - I guess the changes necessary(presuming there are some) could be back-ported along with the Dual-VCO m/c to the current AR OS (maintaining current OB support) but maybe there’s a reason to not develop two OSs, probably just busy, but it’s been a long long time coming that’s for sure - there better not be any minimum computer OS requirement bombs dropped as a result of that delay, that would be very bad form


Ok thanks for clearing that up for me.


Any news on RYTM MKI tansfer app?


an update, please??


I just wish they’d hire @void and let him do it. Strom is great at transferring samples over.

I’ve been transferring all my samples over this week, so I expect they’ll release the fancy new app as soon as I’m done with that.


after all that time elektron should be honest that this tool or function will never be released!

for DT we are also waiting since release …
interesting what will happen when more users will have a full +drive :thinking:

3 years can be a load of samples we have to delete/lose …

määähhhh :sheep:


it will get released. Just when OB v2 is finished


And when is THAT supposed to be? :wink:


Jesus, i’m not happy about the whole situation either but all your daily moaning doesn’t speed up the process. You get it??

The point is… well, I just made some nice patterns on the AR, it worked…ähm, and it was fun.

“Blasphemer…but BUT BUUUUT IT WUZ ADVERTISED…” angry posts incoming in 1…2…3…


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Reminding has nothing to do with moaning. I wouldn’t ever invest too much of personal feelings into such complete company failures, fooling customers, and then not even caring to keep them informed in any qualified way: it’s unacceptable, and still nothing I am willing to get unhappy of.

But reminders are necessary from my view, as it perhaps is the only way how a company, which is treating their customers like that, might get aware, that their behavior will not be forgotten within days, and will definitely have consequences for future buying decisions.

Of course this does not prevent me from getting as much fun as possible from a machine, into which I invested 1670€. This is self-understanding, even if the advertised and planned use and workflow, which led to the buying decision, turns out to be completely non-existant. Waiting myself for OB, I understand the frustration of Mk 1 users waiting for a well working tranfer tool all too well!

Simple as that. :slight_smile:


Bought a new Sample Pack Concrete Ocean for some weekend music making - spent one whole day uploading samples with C6. What a nightmare…

I had to to upload samples ONE BY ONE because if I would upload several of them, a folder for example, the upload process on the RYTM would just stall, while C6 looking like it’s going, which it wasn’t.

To keep going and to start process all over again, RYTM would need a hard reboot and also my Macbook would need a restart because it couldn’t run C6 again. It would just bounce in the dock.
(Macbook Pro 2017 w/ High Sierra 10.13.3)

So numerous restarts and reboots I just went and upload a single file one by one…looking at the screen of RYTM for every sample to get transferred before sending a new one.

How awesome is that…


Yeah, that sux… Releasing 2transfer" is so slow i could have coded my own app while waiting. :robot:


you still can. And likely would still be well before we get their update :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol just finished 2 days ago, new app released today! :joy:


Thanks so much buddy, we all appreciate it!


Now that we know Elektron is incapable of delivering OB2 and leaves AR mk1 users out to dry, why can I not transfer samples back to my computer over sysex?
It’s been shown before that more talented coders exist outside of the Elektron team capable of fixing their shortcomings so I wonder if a: its possible, b:is such a person interested/available and c: how much money do they need?
I no longer have faith that Elektron will do whats right anytime soon but I desperately need to clear off my AR for new samples but don’t want to lose what I already have.
And for the record, 50% of these samples were created/captured and transferred via strom so they exist no where else.


I’m definitely with you on being willing to pay for this at this point.