Transfer Application


Maybe territory, what’s so hard to predict? I mean deadlines, promises, those are actual words, right? :slight_smile: Are we getting another product?


what do I need to clarify ?


Can be miss-confusing… like if Elektron guys told you something about : Possibly in Feb. But more likely in March now.

it’s you who thinks maybe it would probably be more in March


Wooooooow. If this happens that will be really nasty. I know it’s speculation but that live video with Cenk just briefly mentioning Overbridge 2.0 makes me believe this could actually happen.

Their updates and support keeps trailing behind because they keep on releasing new stuff and rewriting codes for newly released stuff. It never ends…



I stand by what I said dude. I don’t care if you believe me or not. It all depends how Overbridge bug fixing goes.


well I think there’s a dedicated team working on just Overbridge. Let’s not forget how delayed Overbridge version 1 was. It’s a difficult technology, so its possible the new one is not delayed due to the new products, but simply because its hard stuff to get perfect


my sincerest apologies to @j0hnglist who were right purely and simply. my BAD man !
:zipper_mouth_face: you were RIGHT :wink:


i mean what reason would i have to lie about what they told me at NAMM? wish I was wrong though


I wish they would release the Rytm MK1 update despite the need for OB update. Yes, it won’t work with OB but Digitakt still doesn’t and it’s being updated every few months. It’s somewhat annoying that Elektron has been arguably releasing hardware/software too early for awhile now but is safe guarding the Rytm MK1 for some reason.


Sure but I was not prepared to the “no release date for now” at all …
Anyway I have other things to finish not a big deal for me at the end

My bad with official status, talking with Elektron guys at Namm was in a way “official”


Its prob May/June now :frowning:


Why wouldn’t they release 1.16 for older machines (together with fw updates) with just an updated graphics/text for the new engines is quite strange, some of the people wouldn’t be happy who own DT/DN but that would still be somewhat positive update overall and would show progress rather than just postponing and keeping us wait.

Beta for public testing (1.16 or the actual ongoing OB version) would also be positive change and they could just work on the new version in the meantime.


SDS Drop works on the current MK1 OS. Why doesn’t the Transfer App work on the current OS?




Analog Drive - Jul 6, 2017
A4/AK MKI - Feb 13, 2017
A4/AK MKII - Dec 21, 2017
AH - Dec 14, 2016
AR - Feb 6, 2017
AR MKII - Dec 21, 2017
DT - Feb 12, 2018
Dt - Feb 2, 2018
OT - Nov 24, 2017
OT MKII - Nov 24, 2017
OB - May 24, 2017
MD - May 23, 2016
MM - May 23, 2016


Man, when you look at those dates you can really see they have been lagging behind with updates for some of their flagship products.

AH - Dec 14, 2016 ???
OB - May 24, 2017 ???


When you look at these dates you can really see they have been busy with updates for some of their flagship products.

A4/AK MKII - Dec 21, 2017
AR MKII - Dec 21, 2017
OT - Nov 24, 2017
OT MKII - Nov 24, 2017

I would also add the MD and MM got updated a couple years ago.
So basically the oldest products Elektron has been selling, got updates before they discontinued them.


Those are flagship products also, but the new ones. I’m not saying they don’t care for the old ones but just pointing out they are, as a company, stretched too thin obviously and trying too keep up.


This sounds like every self start up company I know of


With premium prices…ok cool. There is no point of going on here. I’m just going to continue to transfer my samples one by one since otherwise half of the samples don’t get transfered with c6. And also reseting my computer every time I start a project because of the problem with Heat and it’s glitches.

Glad things are working on your end, or you are coping with the problem better than I do. Not the end of the world.