Transfer Application


My experience with Elektron support has been positive.


Good to hear.


Yeah, Elektron isn’t so terrible despite what the very vocal minority has been saying lately.


Every time I’ve contacted support it’s been timely, helpful, and easy.
I even got some free stuff once just asking a question.


Electron should have given priority to MK1 Rytm it was a promised feature and as someone else stated the Rytm at launch until the OS that added the new machines was a very incomplete machine for a long period of time. So much so that I almost sold mine at that time.

I believe the Electron of old placed more emphasis on their customer base, when a company like them becomes a part of a PLC the focus tends to change to the bottom line of a spreadsheet hence the rush to market with incomplete machines etc.


I now check weekly instead of daily for this transfer app
still no luck :frowning:


The speed of the transfer app (using a Digitakt) is a joy compared to C6 “turbo” transfers.

Clocked my computer transferring 10 megabytes of samples:

Transfer App: 46 seconds

C6: 9 minutes and 27 seconds

(Don’t even f****ng start with the “did you try setting the USB bla bla bla” or “for me the C6 is really fast” because it’s not. It’s the speed of a fax modem from 25 years ago.)


If it’s not out by the end of the month (after NAMM) I doubt it’s gonna happen at all. “Want fast transfers? buy that 3rd party app or buy an mk2” may well be the policy…


or buy an octatrack as well… :frowning:


I’m only here because of the Rytm. I won’t be able to afford an MK2. None of the other Elektron boxes interest me- except the Digitakt, but it seems that it was rushed out judging by all the bugs and defects reported here, so not buying it for another year, if at all.


THIS. I really hope Elektron do not follow the path of Native Instruments. I don’t want to have to update the OS on my Mac any further as it breaks too many things and Apple couldn’t care less about people who make music without Logic. No serious studio (in sound or graphics) marches to the beat of Apple any more.



I’d be cool buying that 3rd party app , too bad nobody’s done it for PC.
And as for the transfer app, it’s now going to be delayed due to the DigiTone’s release, watch haha


yeah saw that. bummer. maybe still worth doing? what kind of level of effort is that?


then don’t tease us! haha


Yeah probably better to not mention it


As you wish. @j0hnglist and @psyclone001


wait what? come on!


So has anything been announced about the MK1 sample transfer? I guess there’s no money in that!


spoke to Elektron guys. It 100% is coming for Mk1. Transfer App is done (has been done, same app). New OS for Rytm is done. What’s not done is the new Overbridge release which they are fixing bugs for. And the new OS has to coincide with the new Overbridge or else it all breaks down. Once the new OB is finished we will get everything we wished. Possibly in Feb. But more likely in March now


Please come back on what you said otherwise plenty of people will jump on it. Clarify your statement that’s you think it will more likely in march but that’s not comes from elektron officially… it’s always aiming to be release before the last day of february as expected. For now.

Edit : if you don’t want, don’t do it… I don’t care I just tell things how I see it it’s so complicated right now on some subjects like that :wink: