Transfer 1.4 upgrade

Transfer 1.4 is a major advancement in its capability to get even more out of your Elektron gear.

With this latest version, you can keep your compositions safe and sound by backing up projects and sounds/presets or samples on all current Elektron products (except Octatrack).

You want to then send your project - complete with sounds - to a friend to open up and use on their device? This is now an awesome possibility.

In addition, performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to ensure Transfer runs super smooth, whether it is updating the firmware on your unit or backing up its files.

Please note that Monomachine, Machinedrum, Sidstation, and Octatrack are not supported by Transfer.

Please make sure you have the latest OS installed on your device to ensure full compatibility with Transfer. Digitakt and Analog Rytm both have new OSs released today to support sample transfer. Head to our Support page to check and update if needed.

Check out the Transfer 1.4 video on YouTube.

Download Transfer 1.4 via our Support page.


Holy Moly, this is a big deal!! Thanks Elektron. :smiley:


Finally!!! Yay!!! This is huge. The backup system has always been a bit of a hassle.
Some questions though (manual doesn’t quite specify…or maybe I didn’t see it while perusing at work):

  • When backing up a project, do the samples automatically back up too?
    (this is the case, just found on page 4 under “Introduction”)
  • If the above is true, do we have access to those samples to use in other projects via transfer or would we need to back up samples separately to do that?
  • is this ready to go or do we need to wait for a firmware upgrade for our particular machines?
  • Do we need to change the settings to USB only in USB config to achieve good transfer speed? (I would always forget to do that on my first transfer of a backup session and was too afraid to stop it in progress. It takes forever if MIDI is engaged).

Can’t wait to test this out!!!

Fantastic! Just repurchased my Digitone and lament the fact that I have no backups. This has been much needed!

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Yes!! Today is a good day! :clap:

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To answer all your questions.

Samples are contained in the new file format with the project. And turbo midi is forced on connection so no more midi setup for faster speeds :slight_smile:


This is very good and will open a lot of possibilities

well, this is cool

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Is a project an archive? Could it be inspected for individual sample files?


F yes! Do you have any idea how happy you have made me? Years! Years waiting for these features!



But one other question was are those samples contained in the Project/single file accessible individually or is it like a zip file?


Big - I am so looking forward to dumping everything off my DT and starting again from scratch.
what an update!


Are there any plans to support older devices in this or another app? That’s all I have!

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My papa once told me that the best things in life are worth waiting for, and they were right! I’m sure they were referring to this upgrade of Transfer all along. Thank you dad!


Thank you Elektron! Great update!

Thank you Elektron Team! All the best from Berlin.

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This is exciting!


yes, a project’s used samples are contained within the transferred file.
e.g. on DT a transferred project file will be called NAME.dtprj
these files can’t be uncompressed and rummaged through.
they’re more like a locked proprietary archive format.




Alleluia !!!

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