Toraiz as-1


The AS-1 or the Prophet 6?


The AS-1


Just got one. Wish I could decouple the decay knob from amp, but hey, I guess I’ll just have to accept that and take it as part of the sound.

Looking forward to tweak some fat, snappy bass sounds. And comparing it to the Minitaur.


Make sure to leave the amp sustain fully open and the filter env sustain closed.


Please share the results :blush:


yes why why :face_with_raised_eyebrow: they could have easily added it


they are working on an update, we will see what they come with


If it goes like the sp16 update they will have their survey to get owners excited then release a minimal update. I like the AS1 but don’t use its sequencer. It sounds awesome.


they will update sp16 too again. But we don’t know what will be inside the updates…I guess it’s better than nothing. I have the feeling they learned from they sp16 mistake and hope a nice update for sp16 (editing tools, full midi in support…etc) it’s not far from being the perfect machine for me


In totally agree on its potential to be great. I’ve posted in various places about how it’s almost there, and I hope you’re right on the update side. Even just conditional trigs would take it over the top for me. SQ is just fantastic and it’s easy to use.


First discovery when comparing: the Minitaur had some clicking noises when recieving midi cc to volume, for a pumping pseudo-kick-sidechaining-effect. The AS1 doesnt! :smiley:


Have you tried the AS-1?

Behringer Pro-1

@t Have you? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it if so :wink:


It sounds like a capable synth but I dislike that lack of controls on the front panel. Software editing is a deal breaker for me.


It’s certainly not a one-knob-per-function, but it’s really easy to edit from the front panel because it has separate encoders for changing program, selecting a parameter, and then editing that parameter’s value.

The parameters are organised logically and you can quickly jump between parameter groups by holding the SHIFT button.


Awesome synth. It sounds and feels just like a pro-1, but with added niceties and extended features.

Programming is much more straightforward than you may assume from looking at the front panel. It seems that some serious effort went into making this work well without having to use a software editor (see my comment above).

It does all the modulation tricks the pro-1 is famous for and then some. I really like having a resonant high-pass filter in series with the LPF. The effects are good. MIDI implementation is extensive. It ships with great presets. The slider seems gimmicky initially, but actually allows useful macro modulation to be set. It is very well-built.

But most of all, it just sounds really, really good to me. :slight_smile:

I recommend giving one a try if you have the opportunity. It really is surprisingly good value for money.


No, I honestly haven’t. I knew that it was a collaboration with Dave Smith, but what initially made me a bit ‘meh’ I think was the knob to function ratio. I have no opinions or experience beyond that though and I should probably check it out. I had sort of forgotten about it really.

Unfortunately, for as populated of an area as I live in (South Florida) there’s really f***k all for places to check out synths and gear. The Guitar Center nearest to me has almost nothing for synths and same for a Sam Ash that’s somewhat close. There’s a GC that has more, but it’s a rather long drive just to take a gamble and see what they might have. It’s a shame really… I’d like to think this area could support a small boutique store, but I guess not.


I loved the sound of Toraiz AS-1 but interface was uninspiring.
Hopefully Bro-1 won’t dissapoint


Thanks for your detailed summary, I have a SP-16 which has built in handling of the AS-1 (although to what degree I’m uncertain) I was always a big fan of the original Pro-1.


I love the AS-1: best synth I have ever owned. I made a m4l device to control it too if you are interested.