Toraiz as-1


Why are you holding shift?


Maybe it wasn’t shift. It’s been a while. But you have to scroll through a menu. There is a shift button though.


There is a separate encoder for selecting the parameter to the left of the display and another encoder to the left for changing its value.

You can hold shift while turning the left parameter encoder to jump between parameter sections.

It’s surely not as immediate as a Prophet-6, but it’s also certainly not as bad as most other menu-driven synths.


indeed shift and left rotates from osc 1 to osc 2 to mixer to filer to amp env filt env fx etc the right encoder changes the value. the free editor is also very sufficient for deep editing and midi controller use 14 bit nrpn


Quite easy to add knobs to as-1 with a midi controller :+1:


Yeah, and also the editor works fine. But I’d still rather have more knobs on the unit.


I’m a weekend into owning an AS-1 and I’ve got to say, somebody really fucked up marketing this thing. I rarely hear anyone talking about it and it’s a fantastic sounding mono synth. I think it sounds better than the Monologue and the SH-1A by a long shot. So underrated.


On another note, does anyone know where I could get some wood side panels for this thing? I have a 2 tier bamboo JKD stand for my Rytm and OT and would love to do something similar with the AS-1.


Well it should sound much better
It’s basically a monophonic Prophet 6.
No comparison with those other units mentioned


Yeah I guess I was just meaning in terms of price. I was looking for a sub $500 mono synth and was looking at those mentioned plus a few others.


I know one is semi-modular, and the other is not, has patch memory etc.
But how do you think the raw sound of an oscillator going into a lowpass filter compares to a Moog Mother-32?

If you only had one analog synth, which one would you choose?


The AS-1 is my favorite synth. I’m sending a trigger in, in to it from the TR8S. It’s so fun.

The lack of controls were a little off putting, but SHIFT gets you where you need to go quick. And really, all I play with are the filter and LFO knobs.

Also, when you send triggers to it, you can seamlessly change patches. So I just make variations of a patch with different pitches in the internal sequencers. Also different oscillator pitches, lfo settings etc. the more subtle the better, but it works great!

AS-1 examples below. My favorite. I like the SH-01A to


I’m finally getting around to properly set up my AS-1 and Octatrack and I’m running into a midi issue that I may be too stupid to figure out on my own. If I stop transport on the OT I can play notes on the AS-1 and on the OT keyboard in chromatic mode and the AS-1 responds. However, if I start transport on OT the AS-1 clock and transport also starts but there is no longer note response. What setting am I missing here?


check the Utility page. May have something to do with the Trig input. Scroll around in there.


Sorry what utility page? I searched the manual for that word and got no results.


My bad. Global.


Figured it out. I needed to have 6. MidiClockMode set to “Slave No S/S” not just “Slave”.


I control the AS1 with my Digitakt.
If the AS1 is Sequenced from the Digitakt he has no issues with timing.
Now he is my favourite synth for bass sounds in my setup.
I have searched a monophonic analog synth and had to decide between the SE02 or the AS1.
The SE02 is cool and a nice sounding synth, but at the end it was the AS1 (very very nice sound and a bit cheaper).
Now I prefer the AS1 for my bass sounds, before I used my System 1 with the SH101 plugout.


The AS-1 is one of my favorite synths as well, especially for bass. I’ve been trying to not buy a Prophet-6 for a while now… :confused:


I’m loving it so much. Pairs nicely with an Octatrack.